Even if there are an overwhelming amount of cat photographs available on the internet, these furballs still have a variety of methods to win people’s affection. Some are adorable. Some are odd. Ikiru, the cat, is a good illustration of how one may captivate others with their one-of-a-kind appearance and win their affection.

He has large gray eyes, a black nose that always drips with mucus, and a tongue that may protrude from his lips to make goofy expressions. Ikiru has achieved widespread online popularity thanks to the moniker “King of Bleps,” which is often given to him by his peers.

Rich and Emma, Ikiru’s owners, fell in love with the lovely cat the moment they laid eyes on his portrait on a breeder’s website. They named him Ikiru. After that first encounter, they were more confident than ever that they loved the cat, and four weeks later, they brought him into their house.

Rich and Emma claim that having the cat around makes their lives so much more enjoyable and full of happiness. He enjoys making others laugh by displaying a variety of unusual facial expressions and actions. It is fantastic that they are able to introduce him to the rest of the world via various forms of social media.

We get notes from people all around the globe telling us that his goofy expressions, endearing attitude, and cuteness make their day better. They told Bored Panda that he even inspires fan art and that people have created some wonderful images of him that perfectly represent his mischievous personality.

The Instagram account @neko.ikiru.san, which was formed to highlight the everyday moments that Ikiru spends with his parents, has gathered 185 thousand followers, and there is no indication that this number will begin to decrease any time in the near future. Ikiru’s owners submit a brief description of the cat that includes phrases such as “loves fish,” “likes to sleep upside down and make mischief,” and “is short-haired.” This description is included with a standard avatar of the cat.

Ikiru’s emotions on his face make one question if he is a healthy cat or whether he suffers from some kind of sickness. Both Rich and Emma did the following:

“Ikiru seems to be in excellent condition, and our veterinarian has informed us that he has some of the most beautiful teeth she has ever seen… It’s not always out, but it appears to be a quirk of his that leads to some entertaining facial expressions.

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