The majority of the time, dogs give off the impression that they are having a fantastic time. Many dogs give off the impression that they are content at all times, whether it be because they are out for a walk, because they are sniffing something new, or simply because they are spending time with the people they like the most.

However, not all canines give off the impression that they are enjoying the time of their lives.

Grumpy Cat is a well-known internet sensation that is well-known among fans of cats who appear like they are in a bad mood. The equivalent of this in the canine world may be Madam Eyebrows, the dog that constantly seems as if she is in a gloomy disposition.

An English Bulldog with an engaging personality and personality traits.

There is an English Bulldog living in Germany whose name is Madam Eyebrows. Her black marks just above her eyes give the impression that she has eyebrows that are arched in a scowling expression. These markings are located in a kind of oval shape.

As a consequence of this, Madam Eyebrows is said to have a “resting bad mood face,” which is partially responsible for the fact that she has become something of an online phenomenon in her own right. Be on your guard, Grumpy Cat!

According to Janina, Madam Eyebrow’s owner, the family gave the bulldog its moniker because of the marks that are located over her eyes.

“She always looked unhappy and had eyebrows,” Janina Said.

It’s possible that Madam Eyebrows isn’t really in a grumpy mood, but her demeanor certainly suggests otherwise.

In point of fact, Madam Eyebrows is pretty pleasant and content!

The people who own Madam Eyebrows claim that she is in reality a really sweet, well-mannered, and happy dog. She has a positive attitude and is kind to other people. It’s just that she doesn’t give off the impression that she is, and it may make for some very humorous situations.

An Instagram account for this dog, who seems to be depressed, has garnered the attention of more than 130,000 followers, who like following along with all of her exploits.

Her owners also like dressing her up in cute, girly clothes that, most of the time, stand in sharp contrast to the emotions that are shown on Madam’s face.

Janina followed her assertion by stating, ” She is really pleased.” “She wags her tail and gives kisses,” the owner said.

Playing with Madam Eyebrows allows you to interact with her in her true form.

The true Madam Eyebrows, on the other hand, has a tendency to find out when people are having fun with her. After a time, it is difficult to discern the face that seems to be unhappy, and all that is visible is the fact that she is, in reality, a really happy little girl.

Janina said that all one has to do to spend a short amount of time with her in order to see that she is content with life. She did not lose sight of the fact that her spouse feels the same way about this. “What we see isn’t just her miserable face. It dawns on us how hilarious she can be. And the extent to which she showers us with her devotion.”

People can’t seem to get enough of this puppy, who always looks so dejected. A video starring her that was uploaded on YouTube has received around 600,000 views. A significant number of people who saw the video felt obliged to likewise leave a note.

One observer said that this is a look that always conveys the message “I’m not insane, I’m merely dissatisfied.”

” You are really stunning! That, together with her doe-like eyes, contributes to her overall cuteness.

“OMG– those have had to be some of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen!!! As a trainer, I have also had the opportunity to observe many adorable animals.

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