There is always something really great occurring in the world, despite the fact that there are so many bad things happening in the world. The following is a beautiful tale of oil rig employees who rescued a dog that had been lost at sea nearly 200 kilometers (125 miles) from the coast of Thailand. They found the pup in the middle of the ocean.

A few days ago, employees on an oil rig were shocked to discover a stray dog swimming near to their drilling station. The canine seemed to be in horrible condition. One of the workers, Vitisak Payalaw, was quick to grab his camera and record what he observed for everyone to see. Other employees brainstormed potential methods to save him, and in the end, they settled on tying a rope around his waist and hauling him back inside.

We wouldn’t have been able to see him at all if the waves had been strong. In the end, we came to the conclusion that the only way to get him to our location was to bind a rope around his neck. Payalaw said that there was a race against the clock since there was a possibility that the wind waves might carry him away.

Even though it seemed as if the dog had no hope at all, the animal was given a second opportunity in life. Payalaw asserts that the dog was completely worn out by the time he reached the point where he was holding on the pole. It was quite unlikely for him to live given that he was more than a hundred and thirty miles from the nearest landmass; nonetheless, he survived.

People are speculating that the dog may have jumped ship from a vessel where he was being mistreated or that he may have fallen into the water from a fishing trawler. Before being brought back to land, the puppy had to spend two days on the drilling platform, where it was provided with food and water by the crew. Even his name has changed; it was formerly known as “Boonrod,” which means “making a spiritual contribution for good luck in the future” in Thai.

After making it back to dry ground, he was sent to a veterinarian in Songkhla, which is located in the southern region of Thailand. There, they will do tests to see whether or not everything is well with his health. Thankfully, in spite of the fact that he was discovered in the water, he was in very excellent health. If no one comes forward to claim him, one of the employees on the oil rig has said that he would want to adopt him himself. According to what Vitisak said with ViralPress, “I plan to adopt him as a pet.” “I can’t wait to share a lot of laughter and good times with him over the years to come.”

This tale is being hailed as a miracle by a lot of people, and it went viral very fast. Vitisak has said that he would not be taking any money, despite the fact that numerous individuals have offered their assistance. Watch the video to see the moment when the employees first discovered the dog.

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