A dog that was accidentally thrown overboard from a shrimp boat surprisingly made it to land after swimming almost six kilometers. It was many days before the owner of the missing dog, who had given up hope of ever finding her again, was able to get her back home. When he did, he broke down in tears.

Monster, the dog that belongs to Keith “Kiwi” Soffes, and Kiwi are inseparable. The obedient four-legged friend is never seen absent from her father’s side. The guy, who is the captain of a shrimp boat, often takes his dog out to sea with him on the boat. However, the most recent time they went fishing in Galveston Bay in San Leon, Texas, the Monster mysteriously vanished while they were there.

“We are now making our way back to the pier. The skipper said to KRIV that Monster was behaving in the same manner in which she has always behaved. As is customary, he returns to that location and yells at the birds. We have arrived at the location where the net will be loaded into the back of the boat in order to go back to shore, and she has a habit of going back there, grabbing the net, and beginning to tug on it. And in the times when she was absent.”

As soon as Soffes discovered that Monster was missing, he swung around in his boat to look for her, supposing that she must have fallen overboard and ended up in the ocean.

“I simply questioned to myself, ‘Where exactly is she?’ Almost exactly in the center of the bay was where we found ourselves. “I mean, wide sea, miles away from any form of the shore,” Soffes added. “you know what I mean.” “Oh, my poor, broken heart. I was completely speechless, but I managed to turn around and look for her.

Unfortunately, despite captain Soffes’s best efforts, Monster could not be located. As a result, he was forced to return to the docks without his cherished buddy. The man’s hunt for the woman left him heartbroken, but he didn’t want to give up on finding her, so he turned to social media to talk about his harrowing experience.

“I failed to protect the one thing in this world that I loved more than anything else. My best pal. On Facebook, he referred to the dog as a “monster.” We don’t have a good understanding of what took place. We believe that she went from the boat on a day when the water was smooth and tranquil; she had spent her whole life aboard the boat. I looked everywhere for her, in the hopes that someone would have found her. Please get in touch with me if you hear anything being said about her. Totally and completely brokenhearted.

But after five long days of waiting, Soffes finally received some astoundingly excellent news. He was relieved to find out that his cherished puppy was still alive. As it turned out, Monster had to swim around seven kilometers before she reached the shore. As soon as she reached safe ground, she made an attempt to locate her way back to her home; however, several fishermen located her and brought her to a trailer parking lot. They quickly got back together once someone saw her father.

When Captain Soffes found out that Monster is still alive, he felt an overwhelming sense of relief, and he vowed that from this day forward, his furry companion would always put on a life jacket before stepping foot on the boat.

I remarked to someone that “man, she couldn’t have done that swim. “There’s no possibility the dog swam for that distance,” Soffes remarked to the FOX26. “It’s impossible.” Keith shared his experience, stating, “I was weeping so hard that I couldn’t even speak.” “She was giving me a lot of kisses at the time. I still adore her, and I’m so happy that I was reunited with my little pal.

Check out the video down below for even more of this unbelievable tale!

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