Having said that, we have really compiled the ideal list to assist you with that matter, so keep it in mind.

It should come as no surprise that a lot of people who love furry pets take pleasure in sometimes making their animals’ lives a little bit more difficult. Naturally, we are just doing this for a good time.

It would seem that at some point throughout the process of striving to come up with novel methods to achieve that, someone made the decision to place a slipper on their pet’s head.

After that, they snapped a photo, published it to the worldwide web, and the rest, as they say, is old history. Now, there are hundreds upon hundreds of adorable photographs available on a variety of social networking sites depicting dogs wearing slipper caps in an effort to cheer us up during these difficult times.

Without further ado, we at Bored Panda would like to direct your attention to a few of our favorite photographs that feature fluffers standing in their slipper hats as if they were The Pope.

By Elen

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