They are genuinely used to seeing him roam the streets of the “Switzerland of America” on his hind legs, and he is constantly accompanied by his owner, Kentee Pasek.

In point of fact, Dexter is a famous person, and he also maintains an official Instagram account with more than 150,000 followers. In point of fact, a great number of people visit to Ouray in the hopes of catching a sight of the astonishingly bright canine that is the subject of an inspiring story.

You have to understand that Dexter did not really learn to walk upright as part of his training, nor did he do it in order to seem flashy or to achieve fame. When the dog discovered that he was unable to walk on all fours, he had to teach himself how to walk using just two legs at a time.

When Dexter was only a young pup, he escaped from his yard and wandered about in the neighborhood, where he was finally struck by a vehicle.

Due to the severity of the crush, he sustained significant injuries. His master was aware that he would never again be the same as he had been before. You have to understand that he lost one of his front legs, and the other one was left in a terrible state after the accident.

The only thing that they are able to do for him is provide a wheelchair designed specifically for dogs so that he can go about.

The wheelchair thing was effective for a short period of time, but Dexter’s owner eventually realized that her dog had found an alternative to using the wheelchair.

The dog was sitting at the foot of the porch as Pasek relaxed on the porch. Pasek was not using his wheelchair at this time. When she came back outside after being inside for a little while, she saw Dexter standing at the top of the steps. Her confusion was palpable.

“I hurried in to get my cup of coffee, dashed out, and then…” she shared this information with CBS News. “and I was like, ‘How is this going on?'”

She got out her phone because she was curious about how her dog had really managed to make it to the top of the steps, and then she replaced the dog at the bottom of the flight of stairs. The things that she recorded were incredible.

Dexter pretended to be a regular person by standing up and walking up the stairs as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Although Pasek was taken aback, she couldn’t help but be delighted by the fact that her dog had figured out how to walk alone and unaided by any other means.

After six years, Dexter has become the most famous person in Ouray, and he is often included in parades and other community events.

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