Meet Guinness, a two-year-old cat that prefers to keep a low profile but emerges out of hibernation once every month and a half when the window washers arrive to work on his apartment.

Rina Takei, Guinness’s human, is 35 years old, and ever since he was a kitten, she has videotaped him enjoying pleasure by swaying back and forth in sync with the employees whenever they have been to visit.

Rina shared the following: “The window cleaners come about once every ten weeks, and Guinness is able to always sense their arrival. He will calmly sit by the window staring and waiting.”

Guinness is reserved almost all of the time, but as soon as the cleaners walk through the door, he comes alive.

“Guinness is a very timid youngster; he doesn’t seem to like the company of large guys, and if they were to enter our home, he would quickly flee and hide.

When Takei and her husband first moved to London for work three years ago, none of them had any idea how big of a presence their window cleaners in London would grow to have in their daily life.

It’s possible that Guinness doesn’t care about the view of the renowned MI6 building across the Thames, but he definitely does appreciate the people who make sure it’s visible.

Pimms, who is far younger and generally more bouncy than Guinness, is Guinness’ roommate, and the two of them split the flat.

“My second cat, Pimms, is a very mischievous and affectionate ginger, and she is not even a year old yet,” added Rina. “My other cat is not quite a year old yet.”

“Guinness is a bit of a spoiled youngster with a really sweet demeanor. He is a little bashful boy until the window cleaners arrive, at which point he comes out of his shell and becomes very outgoing.

By Anna

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