Someone reported a young puppy that had been injured around his stomach to the Kokkachi Shelter, so a team of volunteers went there to investigate. When they arrived, the dog was outside the cave, but they did not have anything with them that would allow them to catch it.

So they returned to the shelter and acquired all required items such as cloth, milk, and a bag. The squad returned by the time he entered the cave and did not come out. Someone brought a bowl of milk outside the cave, waited a few hours, and then brought it back inside.

After few hours he came outside the cave,by the time they closed the cave with a wooden blocks. And then transported the canine companion to a veterinary facility in Calicut, after having first secured it in a piece of fabric.

The mission to rescue them was very challenging since he would constantly go inside whenever they attempted to grab him. Because the cave was so large, it took quite some time to track him down.

It was a holiday, so the veterinary hospitals were closed, which was a very unfortunate situation. Finally, they were successful in their search for a kind physician who would treat him; his name was Dr. Shihabudheen, and he provided all therapy free of charge.

After the therapy, they brought the dog to the shelter that Kokkachi runs. “And the Kokkachi family will welcome him as one of their own.”

The dog made a speedy recovery and is already overflowing with enthusiasm. From the minute they saw him, the whole shelter staff fell in love with him. He has eyes that are mesmerizing.

The lovely dog still needs a family that will take care of him for the rest of his life, despite the fact that he is currently in excellent health and likes spending time with his human pals.

By Elen

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