When Phil Kriens got back from his tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2009, his wife Shanti surprised him with a cute rescue Pit Bull puppy they called Cotton. The Oregon Humane Society found the puppy with open wounds and starvation inside a restricted shed. The shelter had no ventilation. Cotton’s hearing loss and other health issues weren’t revealed until much later on in the investigation.

Cotton’s health was terrible, so the two friends made the decision to do all in their power to ensure that he had a happy and fulfilled life. Over time, cotton became become an essential component of Phil’s strategy for overcoming PTSD resulting from his military experience. Cotton is even officially recognized by him as an emotional support service dog thanks to his efforts.

During the time that this film was being recorded, Cotton was anxiously awaiting Phil’s return from the training weekend. Cotton felt as like she had been waiting an eternity for Phil to return from his weekend-long training sessions with the Oregon National Guard, which he attended every other month.

In this clip, Cotton remains rooted to the spot where he first seen Phil’s car pull up because he cannot bear the thought of missing his friend’s return. The deaf dog had been waiting for his father for many hours, and when he does finally spot him heading home, he goes absolutely “nuts” with happiness! This video is made even more endearing by Cotton’s joyful hopping, wagging of the tail, and snuggling.

According to a devastating update, Cotton’s underlying health problems became worse, and the Kriens were ultimately obliged to put him down because of the severity of his condition. This film will serve as a constant reminder to us of how devoted and affectionate this cute youngster is to his human companions. Cotton, I pray that you find eternal rest!

By Elen

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