It’s well-known that dogs have a keen sense of smell. Because they are also incredibly perceptive and intuitive, it should not come as much of a surprise that dogs are able to recognize when women are carrying a child. When Phil and Niko, mommy’s sweethearts, remained with her as is their custom, they sensed that something was amiss with her tummy. Their adorable emotions were recorded on camera and uploaded to YouTube, where they have already been seen by thousands of people.

Phil and Niko rose up, placed their legs on the bump, and felt something moving within when they saw their mother was carrying something unusual in her tummy. Soon after that, they came to the conclusion that they would be getting a younger sister who would need their attention and affection. The dogs were content, and they did not stray far from their mother at any point.

They were both intrigued and excited to see what the future had in store for them. Phil and Niko, who are sweethearts, delighted in conversing with and seeing their sister develop while she was still in the womb.

After a wait of nine months, the brothers at last got to see the girl who was carrying their child for the first time. When Phil saw the unborn child emerging from his mother’s abdomen, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

However, mama restrained him and prevented him from suffocating her with his love. While Phil was attempting to settle down, Niko arrived to greet the visitor and introduce himself. He was enthusiastic, but more reserved than his buddy may have expected. The dog rested his head on top of the infant in order to have a better look at him. “Wow, what a delicate angel!”

Sweetheart Both Phil and Niko continued to keep a close eye on her, just as they had been doing while they were caring for the unborn child. When the brothers visited the younger sister, they never failed to direct their adoring glances in her direction. They were the older boys, and their mother took great pleasure in their accomplishments. The age of the infant sister is currently 16 months. She is overjoyed to learn that her safety would always be ensured by Phil and Niko.

By Elen

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