You will experience the most rewarding sensation in the world when you help a dog have a second chance in life. You not only save someone else from losing their life, but you also prevent yourself from losing your mind. There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing the joy on their cheeks after they have been rescued and placed in a home where they are loved. Your life will be enriched with delight, and it will be filled to the brim with love that is not conditional on anything.

When a bull terrier by the name of Millie needed rescue and care, the fosters at Pibbles & More Animal Rescue were there to provide it. They found a sense of fulfillment in doing so. Millie, like many other dogs who need to be rescued, had a difficult existence in the past. When they initially got her, she had already given birth to numerous litters of pups, but she was still a mother. She did not get the necessary medical attention and treatment, therefore she became ill.

However, her foster mother Jill Stafford rapidly came to the conclusion that she most likely never had the opportunity to enjoy the basic joys that a house dog can provide. When Jill handed her a bone, she seemed perplexed by the gesture. Before she saw what Jill’s dog, Mia, was doing with the bone, she was at a loss as to what she should do with it. As soon as she figured out what to do, she started gnawing on her first bone and really loved it.

And when Jill let Millie to sit on the bed, she did so without any reservations. The poor dog did not have anything to sleep on, not even a bed. She hurriedly ascended the cozy bed, where she had her first encounter with it, and experienced it for the first time. Millie, on the other hand, had the most adorable response as she found the delights of a bed rather than being perplexed about it. She couldn’t contain her giddiness as she danced and wiggled all over the cozy blankets on the bed.

Jill took a picture of that unforgettable event and uploaded it to her social media accounts. You are able to see Millie as she has her very first time lying on a bed for the very first time. Her response is precious and brimming with happiness.

The saga of Millie came to a satisfying conclusion when she found both her permanent home and wonderful owners. We wish for her that she is surrounded by love and happiness in her new life.

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