Although it may seem absurd, it is in fact true that some dogs are unable to sleep when laying down. The sad tale of a little poodle who, along with around 700 other dogs, was rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia after brutal treatment of the animals was brought to light is told here.

Thankfully, the little dog was saved by Melissa Lentz, a good-hearted individual who later rechristened him Jordan Knight, and gave him a new home. When he had lived in cages that were too small for him, his foster mother was aware that he was afraid. As a result, she makes it a point to assist him in leading a more satisfying existence in her home.

When Jordan went to sleep in the new home for the first time, he upset his owner so much that she cried when he went to the dog bed in the corner of the room. Although Jordan was still standing when he fell asleep, he simply put the crown of his little head on the pillow and fell asleep in that position. Because he had never learned how to get a decent night’s sleep by lying down on his back, he was so accustomed to sleeping while standing up.

“He was so accustomed to standing to sleep owing to his tiny cage,” Releash Atlanta, the nonprofit that helped rescue Jordan and set him in foster care, noted. “He was so used to standing to sleep due to his restricted environment.” The very first night he spent in his foster home, he repeated the same behavior.

But it didn’t take him long, and with a lot of love and care from his foster family, he’s now starting to feel at home here. Jordan gradually became aware that the way things were done in this location was not the same. There is a lot of space to go about it, and a number of different spots where he can lay down.

These canines have suffered mental and emotional damage as a result of their ordeal. It is unrealistic to believe that they will be able to completely reinvent themselves overnight, but we are doing all in our power to erase their history and replace it with love, care, and comfort as they navigate this brand-new world that is all theirs.

When Jordan and the other canines, including hundreds of others, reach the point where they are mentally and physically able to do so, they will begin searching for a permanent place to call home. Nevertheless, continuing one’s recovery is the most essential thing to focus on at this time.

By Anna

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