Legend has excellent hearing, yet neither of his ears is there, and he is covered with scars… Greenville Region Animal Treatment issued an urgent need for a volunteer to transport an injured dog to a veterinary facility after a dog was viciously attacked by two other dogs. The other dogs were responsible for the attack. This was the option that animal advocate Fran Alexay Rizzo choose.

After hearing a ruckus at a house while out for a stroll, two ladies came to Legend’s rescue and helped him escape. They went to the scene of the inquiry and observed that the dog had been attacked by two bulldogs. They were ripping him to tears, so someone contacted animal control, and after that, the three dogs had to go to Greenville Region Animal Care.

When Alexay first laid eyes on Legend, he was soaked in blood and had several wounds from previous battles. His right ear was hanging by a thread, his left ear had been pulled off, and he had bite marks all over his body. His left ear had been ripped off.

Rizzo was quoted as saying to The Greenville News that the puncture wounds can be seen beginning at the shoulders and moving forward. “When he moved, a few of the wounds were deep, and blood had already begun to pool.”

She said that the veterinarian on duty at the emergency hospital was unsure whether or not he would pull through. There was not a single object that seemed to be broken. However, these wounds call for extreme caution with regard to the stress on his body. And the human body can only take so much physical contact before it breaks down.

However, Legend may be a boxer, since he made it through his first night of training successfully. Over the course of many days, he had surgery, was given fluids, and was fitted with a feeding tube. His condition started to improve. recuperate. A few days later, his wounds began to show signs of swelling. On the other hand, he improved his condition gradually over time. Together Rescue Dogs Rock NYC began pitching in to help pay for the dog’s medical bills when they reached a point where they were much higher than before. “We’re happy with the outcome, and we’re glad he survives,” said Jackie O’Sullivan, one of the co-founders of the team. It’s a wonderful tale, and he’s left an impression on a great number of people.

Although Legend’s ears are gone and he is covered with markings, his hearing is not impaired in any way. But he has no complaints at all. His tail was constantly moving, and he didn’t even bother to try to kiss Fran while she was in the tub.

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