Meet Loryn, a lovable golden retriever who lives on a farm and is convinced that she is the mother of a herd of rescued young goats who have only lately arrived there.

Andrea Holley, Loryn’s mother, told The Dodo that her daughter had seen everything since “she’s around all the farm animals all the time.” “She is the epitome of a mother hen and treats every infant that comes through these doors as if it were her own.”

It seems as if Holley’s adoption of the goats brought forth a more developed sense of maternal instinct in Loryn. She and the kid goats have been close as of late, and they work through every challenge together.

Due to the fact that they are still very young and must be bottle-fed, Holley’s home is equipped with a playpen for the infants to make the most of their time there.

Because Loryn has made it her life’s work to take care of all the newborns and young animals on her farm, she will be there for the four baby goats as much as they need throughout their development.

Holley said that goats are the most docile and affectionate of all animals. “Right instantly, they fell in love with Loryn. They spend the whole of each and every day together.

Even while they are having fun together, Loryn is always concerned about their well-being and safety. Their favorite things to do are to snuggle with one another, take naps, and play chase with one another.

“Loryn is my right-hand man and constantly helps corral the infants when we are outdoors or gather them up when they are playing inside,” Holley said. “When we go outside, she helps me round them up.” “There is no doubt in my mind that she regards them as her offspring.”

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