Jeff Bridges is an actor who was born in December 1949 and has received a number of accolades for his performance in films such as “The Big Lebowski” and “Hell or High Water.” Even if he may not be “very good” at romance, the way he expresses his feelings for Susan Geston is quite unique.

Bridges confessed that it was not in his style to shop for his wife’s wardrobe. Even though he is aware that Geston should have much more, he continues to touch her back at night and always keeps a photo of her with him. He commented by saying, “That’s sort of romantic, isn’t it?” The reality is that the events that led up to their relationship are incredibly romantic.

The majority of romances in Hollywood follow a very standard pattern: two actors meet while working on a film together, fall in love, and eventually get married. However, in the instance of Bridges and Geston, things were different.

They first crossed paths in the year 1975 in the Montana community of Paradise Valley, where he was shooting the movie “Rancho Deluxe.” Geston was not an actress but rather a waitress at a resort called Chico Hot Springs, and as soon as Bridges laid eyes on her, he was unable to take his gaze off of her. Bridges were completely captivated by her.

The actor said that it was love at first sight for him and her. Geston was undeniably stunning, but she had two black eyes and a damaged nose in addition to her beauty. It was eventually discovered that the bridges were the consequence of an automobile collision. Bridges were acknowledged:

“Something about her appearance, both beautiful and disfigured, held my attention. She was able to catch me every time I tried to sneak a look.”

After Bridges had done his shift, he made a date proposal to her, but she declined. Geston continued to reject his plea despite his best efforts to persuade her.

She ultimately explained to him that because it was a small town, there was a good chance that they might see one other again in the future. They ran into one other unexpectedly one evening. Bridges fell in love with her after they had finished dancing together.

Their first formal date was nothing like what one would expect. The next day after Bridges and Geston went dancing together, Bridges had a planned appointment with a real estate agent, so he invited Geston to accompany him to the appointment.

He couldn’t help but picture himself touring a house with the woman who would one day become his wife as he explored the ranch house. Bridges’ first reaction was, “Oh, no, take me out of here,” and the major reason for this was that he was terrified of getting married.

The act of marriage may have shut one door, but it certainly opened many others.

Bridges felt trapped despite the fact that he was aware of the fact that he was head over heels in love with Geston. He was apprehensive about admitting that she was “the one,” despite the fact that he did not want to risk losing the woman he had vowed to protect with his life.

His well-known parents, the actor Lloyd Bridges from “Seinfeld” and the actress and poet Dorothy Bridges, are somewhat to thank for his success. The actor from “Iron Man” said that he had “such fantastic parents,” and because of that, he didn’t know whether he or Geston had it in them to be successful.

Aside from that, Bridges didn’t want to give up his independence, so they continued their relationship for two years before he worked up the nerve to pop the question. On the other hand, he did have in the back of his mind the possibility of getting a divorce if things didn’t work out.

In 1977, Geston and Bridges became husband and wife, and they have been married to one another ever since that year. The actor confessed that being married did result in one door being closed, but it also led to many other options, including the following:

“Children, grandkids, a greater closeness with your wife, and so many other things that you would not have access to if you did not get married,” children, grandchildren, and deeper intimacy with your wife.

Bridges thought that he ultimately truly opened his heart after being married, despite the fact that getting married was terrifying for him. Gaston has also taught the famous actor a great deal, particularly the ways in which he might “defeat himself,” which she has pointed out to him.

Geston instilled in him a fresh perspective on difficult circumstances and encouraged him to be less anxious about the outcomes of new endeavors in which he participates. Bridges said that they both felt their partnership was the most important thing in their lives.

Despite the fact that Geston and Bridges have been married for more than 40 years, the couple’s relationship continues to struggle with difficulties. The actor revealed that they were involved in a “old conflict,” which goes as follows:

“You simply don’t get me; you don’t know me; you don’t comprehend.”

Bridges said that he did not know his wife completely and that he never would. The same thing occurs with Geston; she will never have a comprehensive understanding of her spouse. However, as each conflict progresses, they come to the realization that the lack of understanding of one another is something they have in common.

The fact that the physicians had a positive prognosis helped to lighten the mood of the situation overall.

After being together for such a significant amount of time, Bridges and Geston came to the realization that arguments were unavoidable in their relationship. They have found comfort in the knowledge that they will face these challenges together and come out on the other side loving each other even more deeply.

When questioned about the key to a successful marriage in the entertainment industry, Bridges said that it was just staying together and not divorcing each other. He went on to say that the substantial obstacles that arise throughout marriage are chances for the couple to learn more about one another, become closer to one another, and discover what makes the other person tick.

These days, Geston and Bridges are parents to a blended family consisting of their three children, Isabelle, Jessica, and Haley. Over the course of their lives, the daughters have made several appearances at red-carpet events with their parents. When asked about his family, Bridges has always been quick to express his gratitude.

In October of 2020, he received the news that he had cancer. His wife and three children were tremendously supportive of him throughout this time. Their affection brought a smile to his face, and the fact that the physicians had a positive prognosis lightened the mood of the situation overall.

Both of Bridges’ daughters have established themselves in their respective fields. Isabelle was born in August 1981, and she had her first playing part at the age of 19 in the film “Termini Station,” which was released in 1989. That is the only acting credit she has ever received. Isabelle Boesch tied the knot with Brandon Boesch in 2007 and is now a mother to their two children.

In June of 1983, Jessica became a member of the family. She followed in her mother’s footsteps as a musician and composer rather than following in her father’s footsteps as an actor. Since she has not posted anything on Instagram since February of 2020, it is not known whether she is still active in the music industry.

In October of 1985, Bridges and Geston had their youngest child, a girl named Haley. She got married to Justin Shane in September of 2021 and is now a well-known interior designer in Santa Barbara, California. What a lovely and loving family!

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