Kittens are the cutest and most cuddly of all the world’s teeny-tiny animals. If you’re asked to give a feline a hug, it’s impossible to refuse the request.

You’ll never run out of warm hugs because Cinnamon and Cardamom are your kitties, and they’re always at your side. Not only do these two sweethearts like giving one other hugs, but they also enjoy giving hugs to everyone else they come in contact with.

Cinnamon and Cardamom are heart siblings and were destined to be together, despite the fact that they were not born in the same litter as one another. After arriving to the shelter around the same time, the people who are passionate about cats at Oakland Animal Services discovered that they were connected.

After meeting one another, Cinnamon and Cardamom immediately fell in love with one another, and they strengthened their connection with loving embraces. The employees at the shelter saw a ginger cat they named Cinnamon wandering about outdoors and described it as “spinning in circles.”

He suffered from a condition referred to as head-tilt, which is often an indication of a problem with the functioning of a cat’s vestibular system. Cinnamon was very lucky in that her older sister, Torbie Cardamom, was there to help her younger sister, Cinnamon, become powerful.

The inclination of Cinnamon’s head started to straighten out as a consequence of a mix of love and snuggles from her siblings, as well as stretches and massages performed by workers at the shelter. Let’s spend some more time getting to know them:

OAS reached out to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, California, to offer assistance in locating a foster home for Cinnamon and Cardamom so that they may continue to grow and develop together in anticipation of finding a permanent home together. After being cradled in the protective arms of their foster family and feeling completely at ease, the adorable duo began purring, embracing, and combing their foster father’s beard to turn on the charm.

The first sign of all the love that was to come for the foster family came when one of the kittens fell asleep on the foster parent’s breast. Joyce, a foster mother, said that,

“If you are sitting down or laying down, they will come up either on your belly or sit next to you so that they can be with you. They will do this so that they can be with you. They will purr the whole time you have them in your arms. Every morning when I wake up, I find them purring away on my chest.

Cinnamon presented a problem with her head tilt when she was brought to Oakland Animal Services.

The kittens also take pleasure in helping out with various tasks around the home. Cinnamon loves perching on his foster dad’s shoulder to help with work calls, while Cardamom likes to keep his foster mom company by perching on his foster dad’s shoulder to assist with work calls.

Cardamom was one of the people she met at the shelter.

When the kittens aren’t assisting their foster parents, Cinnamon and his doggie foster brother Brandon, who is 14 years old, like to cuddle up and take naps together. Cardamom ensures that the resident cat, Kanga, gets some attention as well so she may feel comfortable.

Because of all the time they spent snuggling together, Cinnamon and Cardamom were prepared to move into their new home in no time at all. Amber, who established Saving Grace Rescue, said that the dogs have a close relationship and will be adopted together because of it.

Because of this time period and the assistance of those who adore cats, Cinnamon and Cardamom were both adopted together into a warm and caring family. There, the best of friends may spend eternity sharing love and embraces with one another.

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