Chuck Hawley, who lives in Silverton, Oregon, was driving to work on a Friday morning when he saw something on the road in the center of the roadway. As he saw other vehicles go over it, he assumed that it was a box that had blown into the road, but as he came closer, he realized to his surprise that the reality was far more sinister than he had first thought.

He observed a little cat that was so terrified that it was shaking uncontrollably. And immediately as he reached for it, he saw that it had been affixed to the pavement. It was absolutely incomprehensible to him that there are individuals in the world who would act in such a way.

Chuck gently pulled her off the road and carried the kitten to a nearby shelter. He realized he had to act quickly and remove the unfortunate thing to a secure spot, else it may wind up being struck by a vehicle. The employees took care of the kitten and used mineral oil to remove the rubber cement that had been applied to its fur.

Following an in-depth examination, it was discovered that the neck of the 5-week-old kitten had been punctured many times. Chuck had his wounds treated, and he also filed a complaint with the police. Everyone hoped that the individual responsible for the heinous deed would be brought to justice.

It’s hard to believe, but the little cat ended up being quite the brave warrior. She had made it through the ordeal unscathed and was prepared to begin a fresh life. Just around the next bend in the road, there was still another miracle in store for this gorgeous rescued cat.

Chuck and his wife decided to give the little cat a home when they saw how eager they were to do so. They gave her the moniker Sticky the Kitty and provided her with a home for the rest of her life. Sticky is still adjusting to life with Chuck, his wife, and their two dogs, but we have a feeling that everything is going to work out just great for her in the end!

Even while we are still extremely upset about what this little cat had to go through, we are also incredibly glad for her now that she has found a home and her tale has a happy ending. Someone’s life was spared because Chuck cared enough to stop what he was doing and provide assistance.

By Anna

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