Maggie is a five-year-old puppy that defied all odds by making it through the ordeal of being shot 17 times and then being abandoned on the streets in a warzone. She was fortunate enough to be rescued and given a second chance at life by starting a career as a therapy dog. And now, she’s even become an Instagram sensation, with a significant number of people following her account.

Maggie was discovered in Lebanon chained to a box on her own and suffering from a fractured jaw in addition to having 17 gunshot wounds spread all over her body. Her eyes had been blasted out and her ear had been cut off. She was saved from horrifying circumstances by the Wild At Heart Foundation, which is an organization that helps animals. They attempted to take her in and helped her find a nice home, despite the fact that it is fairly difficult to export pets from Lebanon.

Following the widespread distribution of her tale, she was quickly adopted by a family in Brighton, United Kingdom. Her new owner, the animal lover Kasey Carlin, welcomed her home, and now she works as a therapy dog, using her love and smiling face to encourage people. Her previous owner had been an animal rights activist. Not too shabby, considering all that she has gone through.

Maggie had to pass tests in order to get her certification as a therapy dog since the role is not open to just any dog. In the end, she was successful in passing the test, and Underdog Dog & Child Charity has since registered her as a certified therapy dog.

The dog’s owner, Kasey, was so pleased with her performance that she decided to post about it on Instagram. She wrote, “Yesterday, I and Maggie went to meet with her assessor, @maherandhounddogtraining she flaunted her stuff and gave it her best go and she PASSED.”

Maggie is still just like any other dog with an “infectious attitude,” despite the fact that she is struggling with her health. In her capacity as a therapy dog, she makes frequent trips to educational institutions, nursing homes, and hospitals in an effort to disseminate uplifting messages.

Carlin stated, “I know what happened to Maggie was horrible, but if her story can educate and inspire others to do good, then at least we can do our bit to make this world a little brighter.” “I know what happened to Maggie was horrible, but if her story can educate and inspire others to do good,”

“Considering all that she had to go through, she must have been in excruciating pain; nonetheless, she has never been violent against anybody, and she is full of love. After all that she had gone through, she deserved to have a happy life. She deserved to have a happy life. We have high hopes that the tale of Maggie will serve as motivation for people all throughout the globe who have a soft spot in their hearts for animals.

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