Dogs are not only the most devoted friends, but they are also incredibly protective of their owners and their territory. These kind animals are always prepared to provide a helping hand and provide solace to individuals who are struggling greatly. She was in such a precarious condition that she found herself a homeless lady in Nepal; thankfully, two strays remained by her side and protected her until assistance came.

When Ake Srisuwan came across two dogs that were lying next to an elderly woman who appeared to be sleeping on a muddy river bank, he had no idea what happened, so he notified the authorities, but not before taking a couple of pictures of the scene, in order to demonstrate how caring the dogs were being toward the elderly woman.

According to reports, the individual in question was a destitute blind lady who had died away in the muck. Even though the dogs and the lady were both living on the streets, the woman and the dogs had never met before, as reported by a local news site. When they noticed someone who was in such critical need of assistance, the gentle creatures just acted on their natural instincts.

According to a news website from Nepal, it did not take the authorities very long to find the defenseless lady. Once they did, they took her and her angel guardians to a medical facility so that they could get medical care.

It is always fantastic to witness animals offering so much generosity, even to strangers, and although it is unclear what occurred with the lady or the dogs after the event, it is always great to see animals sharing such love. The photographs of Ake even gained widespread attention on social media, with many users praising the kind nature of the dog.

By Elen

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