Gabriel Clark, a youngster of 12 years old who lives in Cumbria, England, finds that his love of woodworking is one of the more unusual hobbies he may participate in. The youngster arrived at his house one day looking downcast and miserable. After that, he disclosed to his father, Richard Clark, that he was, in fact, feeling “a little sad.” According to him, his pals thought that his passion of woodworking was uncool and made fun of him for it.

The fact that he had just six people following him on Instagram didn’t help matters either.

Gabriel’s interest in the craft first surfaced when he was between the ages of three and four, when he was only a little child. Since his mother, Teresa McCann Clark, gave him a hammer that had been passed down from his grandpa, he hasn’t given it another thought.

The young man told People, “I’ve basically taught myself everything I know about it since I’ve always had a tremendous affinity for it.”

Richard felt the same disappointment that any other parent would feel in this situation. It was difficult for him to watch as his cherished son struggled to find a place in the group.

As a result of this, Richard decided to utilize Twitter in an effort to be of assistance to his kid.

The encouraging parent tweeted on March 25 the following: “I have a 12-year-old son who is passionate about woodworking. In order to put money toward the purchase of a mountain bike, he puts in a lot of time at his lathe, turning out chopping boards and bowls to sell. Therefore, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in giving him a push by following him on Instagram with the handle @clarkie woodwork. I’m sure that would brighten his day. Please accept my gratitude in advance, and do not hesitate to retweet!

The Clark family had first set their sights on gathering about sixty followers, but they were unprepared for what was going to come their way. Today, Gabriel can boast a staggering number of more than 259,000 followers on Instagram!

I requested that my father post something on either Instagram or Twitter, and he kindly agreed. He sent out a tweet with the following message: “My son’s a little bit down. Could you please follow him on Instagram so that we can show our support for him?’ And very immediately, it became fully viral,” the brilliant youngster proudly said.

In addition to the growing number of followers, he was inundated with around 20,000 requests for his handcrafted bowls. Isn’t it really bonkers?
However, if the youngster worked nonstop on all of those orders, it would take him 32 years to complete them all. In a nutshell, it was really difficult, particularly taking into consideration all of the schoolwork that he also needed to do.

Therefore, rather of working on all of those orders, he made the decision to pay it forward.

Gabriel ultimately carved a one-of-a-kind bowl, which he created in order to show his support for Ukraine.
He created a bowl out of beechwood that had a blue and yellow ring in the center to reflect the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

He said, “I want to know that I can make other children’s lives better by doing a tiny bit of things in my own life.” (I want to know that I can make other children’s lives better.)

After that, the Clark family established a Just Giving website with the intention of raising £5,000 ($6,420) for the cause of Save the Children’s appeal in Ukraine.

On the page for Just Giving, they put the following information: We are all aware of the terrible suffering that the country is currently facing, and Gabriel hopes that this is a way he can pass on some of the generosity that the people have shown him to children who are in much greater need. “We are all aware of the terrible suffering that the country is currently facing, and Gabriel hopes that this is a way he can pass on some of the generosity that the

Thankfully, money were pouring in from all directions. The fundraising effort has already brought in a total of 254,678 pounds sterling from 14,153 contributors.
A little child of 12 years old has recently brought in more than a quarter of a million pounds in donations. It’s wonderful!

On April 17, a drawing was performed to determine who would receive the Ukraine bowl, and the winner was a donor who went by the name of Renuka Chapman. And since other individuals were still showing an interest in donating, the fundraising effort was kept open for a longer period of time.

Teresa said, “The most important thing about Gabriel is that he has a very, really huge heart.” “He’s got a great heart, which is more important than any other quality he has, such as his ability or his creativity,”this young man’s heart is even more astounding than his incredible skill. His talent is beyond outstanding.

The little lad is deserving of a lot of affection. Donating to the fundraising page on Just Giving that he has set up will allow you to show both him and all of the children in Ukraine who are suffering your support.

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