When you reach retirement age, it’s time to focus on living your best life. At the very least, it ought to be. Angelyn and Richard Burk put two and two together and came up with a plan for their retirement. The couple from Seattle, Washington, who are both in their 50s, had been planning to use their retirement years to see the world. Because they like going on cruises so much, they made the decision to move from one cruise ship to another.

In addition, the cost is far lower than that of a mortgage. Yup! According to FOX 56 WOLF, the pair is able to live onboard a cruise ship for a total cost of around $43 per day, which is equivalent to $15,696 per year. According to CNN, that amount ranges between $89 and $100 every day. Angelyn also mentions that they sometimes give themselves the permission to spend as much as $135 a day, which works out to $49,275 per year.

According to what Angelyn shared with CNN, “As of right now, this year, we have booked 86 cruise days at an average all-in cost of $89 a day for both of us.” “Which includes hotel, food, entertainment, transportation, gratuities, port fees, and taxes,” the description of the package said. This is within the parameters of our financial plan for retirement,”

In 1992, Angelyn made reservations for her very first cruise. After Mary and Richard were married, they started travelling on annual and even occasionally twice-yearly cruises together.

With their combined savings and the projected proceeds from the sale of their house, they will be able to finance the new cruise lifestyle they have chosen.

Early in the year 2021, they started really considering retirement and putting together a financial plan for it. After they came to the conclusion that they could spend the rest of their lives aboard cruise ships, in May of 2021, they set sail on their new life as cruise ship passengers.

“Our initial goal was to stay in various countries for a month at a time and ultimately retire on cruise ships as we grew older,” Angelyn told 7 News Australia.
“Our original plan was to stay in different countries for a month at a time.” “We have a passion for seeing new places, and upon reaching retirement age, we wanted to find a method to continue doing so in a manner that was also financially responsible.”

On their travels, they had only carried one luggage with them with them.

They organize their trips in such a way that they begin the next cruise in the same port as the one they just finished.

They just go ashore for a short period of time whenever the durations of their cruises do not coincide with one another. Many occasions spent with both family and friends.

On the other hand, Angelyn can count the number of times that has occurred on one hand.

In addition, they have no plans to relocate permanently on the property in the near future.

They want to go to every single region on the planet. Up until this point, the Burks have traveled to Singapore, Italy, Canada, Iceland, and the Bahamas… sometimes returning to the same locations many times.

Angelyn said that in order to reach their objective, they had to practice frugality throughout their whole lives in order to save savings and make investments. “Experiences are more important to us than acquiring material goods.” According to Angelyn, being an everyday cruiser is something that many people can do if they put in the effort to properly plan and budget.

How to do it: According to her, the first thing you need to do is determine whether or not you are cut out for the cruise lifestyle and whether or not you want to be at sea constantly. It is imperative that you register for customer loyalty programs and keep an eye out for discounts on a variety of cruise companies. Next, you’ll need to be flexible with your travel dates and make an effort to remain in the same location for the longest amount of time feasible in order to reduce the amount of money you spend between hopping on ships. You should also avoid purchasing any beverage bundles, reserve the least expensive accommodations possible, and keep cognizant of your financial constraints. Since cruising is more of a lifestyle than a holiday, you won’t want to throw money away on things like gambling and other activities aboard the cruise ships.

It is also essential to minimize the amount of baggage carried. You will never be without the means to satisfy your requirements if you travel.

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