The winters in Siberia may be very cold (as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit).

Even though many of the humans who live in Siberia have really adapted to the cold and have gear that is suitable for it, many of the animals that live there are unable to endure temperatures so low.

Unfortunately, frostbite is rather prevalent in dogs and cats, and unfortunately, it almost always results in the animal either succumbing to the cold and passing away or being put to sleep.

Counted Among the Fortunate Few

Ryzhik was in poor condition when his brand-new owners brought him to the veterinarian with frostbite; gangrene had embedded itself into all four of his limbs.

The only option available to the veterinarian was to amputate them.

But it wasn’t the end of Ryzhik’s story at all.

Rhyzik’s new owner made the decision that he was going to do all in his power to assist Rhyzik in regaining the ability to walk, so he brought Rhyzik to a clinic in Novosibirsk that specialized in artificial limbs. There, Rhyzik received an artificial leg.

Rhyzik the Bionic Kitty is in the house!

The clinic fitted Rhyzik with four prosthetic paws by using computer system tomography as well as 3D modeling.

Ryzhik “is undoubtedly the first cat in the world who endured such procedures,” said the surgeon Sergey Gorshkov, who worked on Ryzhik.

That makes Rhyzik the very first cat in the world to get a bionic limb!

Dr. Gorshkov elucidated how Rhyzik’s new titanium limbs were integrated with the underlying skeletal structure.

The portion of the titanium limb that comes in contact with the skin and bone is porous, which enables the tissue to grow in and around it.

The race is won by those who go steadily and slowly.

Rhyzik is still a bit wobbly on his new limbs, but the veterinarians at the clinic are taking it as a positive indication that he is not attempting to remove them.

Rhyzik is demonstrating his acceptance of his new paws by doing so since it is his way of doing so.

Rhyzik is able to climb the stairs both ways, but he is not yet at a point where he is comfortable running or walking.

According to the specialists, Rhyzik would eventually acclimatize to his new limbs and grow steadier on his bionic feet if given enough time.

The pursuit of innovation saves lives.

The veterinarian clinic run by Dr. Gorshkov is dedicated to assisting animals that, under normal circumstances, have no other options.

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