Yoda, a two-year-old house cat, was born with four ears but is generally in excellent condition and seems to have full hearing. Yoda was named after the famous Jedi Master.

Valerie and her husband visited a pub close to their home in Chicago two years ago, and while there, they met and fell in love with Yoda. When the couple first laid eyes on Yoda, they couldn’t help but fall in love with him. They moved fast to convince the owner to take him home, and they called the cat Yoda after the pointy-eared Jedi warrior from the Star Wars franchise.

Valerie made the decision to take Yoda to the neighborhood veterinarian after it was established that he had become the newest member of their family. The veterinarian was perplexed by the peculiar look of the patient. Even the concept of a cat with four ears was completely foreign to him.

It is thought that a genetic abnormality caused Yoda to have additional ears in the Star Wars universe. However, it doesn’t harm or hamper him. His very small set of ears is located in a distinct location from the base of his skull, which explains why his hearing remains unaffected.

Nevertheless, in spite of his peculiar appearance, he is a completely normal, friendly, and inquisitive cat that is a delight to have around. In contrast to some of the other cats in the home, he is not easily frightened and enjoys the company of other animals.

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