The internet has been entirely taken over by a cat named Stepan, who is known for his charming and goofy picture poses, which are shared by his mother. People visit his Instagram and TikTok accounts in the hope that he would make them feel better since he currently has more than a million followers across both platforms. However, since Stepan and his family now live in Ukraine, he has needed to make some adjustments to his lifestyle and routine as of late.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine, there was widespread fear for Stepan and his family’s well-being on account of the conflict. They commented on his postings with the hope that everyone was healthy and doing well, and someone even established a Twitter account for him in order to offer updates and increase notice of the situation.

When Stepan’s family was finally allowed to leave Ukraine with him, and they did so successfully, they were able to send an update to everyone to let them know.

The family of Stepan shared their experience on Instagram, writing, “We spent two nights in the basement without power for a week.” They had to go to the basement of the building next door in order to charge the phone. They were driven to the railway station by volunteers from Kharkiv who volunteered their time. They then proceeded to the Polish border, where they stood in line at a pedestrian crossing the border and resumed their journey. After nine hours, they made it through the border without incident.

Unfortunately for Stepan and his family, they were forced to flee their home as the fighting approached their front door. They were unable to abandon Stepan under any circumstance, despite the fact that securing safe harbor with a cat must have been difficult. The family has found refuge in France for the time being and is patiently awaiting the day when they will be able to return to Ukraine.

When they arrived in Poland, the World Influencers and Bloggers Association, which is based in Monaco, extended an offer of assistance to them. They are also quite worried about their family members who live in Ukraine, and they want to do all in their power to assist their nation.

Due to the fact that Stepan is responsible for making so many people’s lives better, everyone is overjoyed to learn that he and his family are unharmed.

By Anna

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