This resulted in the dog being unable to breathe normally, however the problem was discovered by the neighbors four hours later, at which point they also reported it.

The man’s attorney protected his client by stating that his client had forgotten to remove it before departing for the day that particular early morning. Chloe was held captive for a total of four very long hours before she was finally released.

According to Dr. Brad Ward, Chief Veterinarian of the RSPCA in South Australia, “Panting is the major technique by which dogs cool their bodies, since unlike humans, they do not have an efficient system of sweat glands.” Panting is the primary method by which dogs cool their bodies. If you prevent a dog from cooling its body in this manner, you put it in grave risk of being overheated, which is particularly likely to occur when the weather is mild.

Chloe drank some water once the cable tie was removed, and she also proceeded to splash about in a little plastic pool that she had been using as a means of cooling off. In addition to being obliged to turn over Chloe to her new owner, the guy was sentenced to pay a total of 1,600 dollars in legal and veterinary fees. For the next two years, he is prohibited from owning or caring for any sort of animal.

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