Currently, Whitney Bralee calls the town of Menlo in Georgia home. She is a mother of three children and has a disability. She is 30 years old. Because the lady is unable to walk, not only does her family help her, but so does her devoted dog, a husky called Banner who is three years old!

And only lately, when Whitney saw that the dog was experiencing some weird occurrences, she quickly understood that the dog was attempting to communicate with her.

Banner barked, leaped up at the owner, grabbed her by the clothing, and dragged her out of the home.

The lady comments on how remarkable it was that her dog always paid attention to what she had to say. “And then she actually went out of control, and rather than carrying out directions, she pulled me in a path that I couldn’t make sense of.”

After entering the forest belt and entering a dense area of shrubs, Whitney found her destination by following the pet. And there, all of a sudden, she saw a cardboard box that had been tossed by someone into the bushes!

The husky pushed its snout inside the cardboard, where it found a little and moist white kitten, and then it took it out… Then there was also… And yet another!

Whitney expresses her feelings by saying, “I was afraid because they didn’t make a sound and because they were really chilly.” “I was afraid that they had already passed away, but to my relief, all of them were still alive! And I have no idea how Banner was aware of this box in the first place.”

The hyperactive dog has all of a sudden transformed into a calm babysitter who spends hours accompanying a group of kittens while keeping order and also protecting them!

She is now dozing down right next to the crumbs, after which she will lick them and then warm them with her woolly coat.

By Elen

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