This dog, who was eventually given the name Blossom, was discovered in Greece by a volunteer with OrphanPet. She was a stray and had been lost for at least a few weeks, and maybe even months, around the neighborhood. The poor puppy looked like it had been through hell and back.

A piece of chain wire had been entangled in her tail at some point and had remained there for a significant amount of time. The fact that the chain was wrapped so tightly around her tail caused it to swell out to an incredible size.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she was crawling with hundreds of ticks all over her body. After doing a blood test, they determined that the tick bites had caused her blood to be abnormally thin. She wouldn’t have lived for very much longer if they hadn’t come to her rescue when they did. They were aware that they needed to assist Blossom as quickly as they could since her time was running short.

They ended up having to amputate her tail in addition to giving her a blood transfusion when they took her into the facility. They labored diligently and cautiously to remove as many ticks as they could one at a time, but it took them almost a week to remove each and every tick that had passed away.

Her metamorphosis is just incredible to see. She is now in the perfect physical condition and has acquired a few new canine companions along the road. The most wonderful thing about it is that she was adopted.

She has finally found a place to call home and is making the most of the second opportunity life has given her. She would have passed away if this volunteer hadn’t found her and brought her in; without him, she never would have had a chance. Thank god for the kind people that work at

The footage that may be seen below shows her being rescued. It is fantastic in every way.

By Anna

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