The fast thinking of a cat is being credited (very rightly) with saving the life of its owner, who was 83 years old. The clever cat continued to meow until it lead the rescuers to the lady, who had fallen down into a ravine that was around 70 feet in depth in Cornwall, England.

After realizing that the elderly lady had been absent for a number of hours, the concerned residents contacted the appropriate authorities. An emergency response team from the Bodmin Police Department arrived at the incident and immediately began scouring the area. Not long after that, they were surprised to get assistance from a hitherto unknown source. Just now, a passing pedestrian overheard a cat yowling loudly in the area and alerted the authorities.

It was discovered that the insistent cat was Piran, the furry pet of the lady who went missing. Because of him, his master was rescued just in the nick of time. According to BBC News, the 83-year-old lady was discovered in pretty good shape despite the fact that she had fallen down a ravine and became stranded there. This was reportedly owing to the “very difficult access and uneven terrain.”

The old citizen was ultimately brought to safety by the fire department personnel, who used a stretcher to do so. After that, she was taken to the hospital. The lady will continue to be monitored by a medical professional for a few more days despite the fact that she was remarkably spared injury and is in such “excellent spirits.”

According to a post made by Bodin Police on their Facebook page, “Officers from Bodmin were instructed to begin a search for a missing 83-year-old female.” “A member of the general public was able to find the female after hearing her cat meowing in the far corner of a vast maize field next to her residence. This led to the discovery of the missing person. The old woman had fallen around 70 feet down a very steep slope, which had extremely poor access and uneven ground.

After the fact, the police department acknowledged Piran’s contribution to the successful rescue. The police department said on its Facebook page, “Piran the cat saved the day!” The neighbors as well as the witnesses praised the courageous cat for rescuing the elderly woman who was 83 years old. One of the witnesses shared their thoughts with BBC News, saying, “It’s a big ‘well done to all of the emergency services who worked together and to Piran.” “The end result may have been a whole lot more disastrous.”

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