At the beginning of this month, Annie Rahe went to her neighborhood Walmart to look at some Christmas decorations and some food. She was pulling her shopping cart towards the festive aisle when all of a sudden she saw a little black and white kitten laying between the wooden pallets. There was no indication that his owners were around.

Rahe went in search of a salesperson and questioned him about the health of the real kitten.

“He told me that the cat had been thrown in the Walmart parking lot and that it kept creeping inside the shop and hiding under the pallets,” Rahe said. “He informed me that the kitten had been dumped in the Walmart parking lot.” She is unsure of the exact length of time he was there; however, the employee who helped her informed her that others had pressured him to leave.

After hastily setting her shopping cart down, Rahe dashed off to the section of the store devoted to animals in search of a tin of cat food. The idea of him living there alone broke Rahe’s heart due to the fact that he was such a little and stinky creature. “There was no way I was going anywhere without him.”

The little kitten raced over as soon as she set the can down on the ground and quickly started nibbling on the food inside of it. Because Rahe’s attention was diverted by the food, he was able to successfully capture the kitten. She improvised another cover out of a flimsy piece of cardboard until she could go back to the pet store and purchase a proper container for Wally to go inside it.

She spent around 45 to 50 minutes only attempting to earn his confidence in the beginning of the conversation. Because he had gotten out of the box and onto the cart at the beginning, she had to grab him once again. Because of this, they found themselves in a precarious situation.

Rahe had already made up her mind to leave the shop with groceries, but she was able to get the essentials for Wally and the cat into her vehicle.

After feeding it another meal and giving it a wash, Rahe decided to call the kitten Wally. After that, he had a restful night’s sleep thanks to his full stomach.

Wally is quite frail and underweight for his age, but other than that, he seems to be in good condition and is thrilled about his new home and life.

He is instructed to remain permanently positioned immediately under Rahe’s feet; as a result, she must walk warily around him. He does a wonderful job of making use of his box and scratching post, and he is delighted with all of his new toys.

Following his treatments and immunizations, Wally will rapidly adjust to living with his canine and feline siblings. Although Rahe did not want to get a kitten from Walmart, she realized that sometimes the finest presents are the ones that are free.

All 365 days of the year, not only on special days like World Animal Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day, animals are in need of our care. If you want to help increase awareness of our community, please share this article with your friends.

By Anna

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