There are many videos of animal rescues to be found on the internet. These movies serve as a reminder that some individuals will have to make sacrifices in order to restore our faith in the goodness of mankind.

The video of a guy skipping his own wedding in order to save a puppy is identical to the one that was described before. Reddit was the first website where the video was published, and several users of the website suspected that the occurrence took place near the Lim River, which is located in Montenegro.

In the video that lasts for three minutes, you can see a dog looking for something at the concrete foundation that is located next to the stream that is overflowing. Within a short period of time, a guy dressed formally in a two-piece suit approaches the bank of the river to begin his search and rescue mission. The human takes off his two-piece coat and makes an effort to go to the dog that is suffering despite the fact that the water is still moving quite quickly underneath it.

A second guy walks into the scene and joins forces with the first one already working to save the dog. He lends a helping hand by pulling the guy from behind in order to effectively rescue the dog, and he does it.

As the video footage draws closer to its conclusion, the guy embraces yet another lady who has hurried to the scene. It was seen that the dog was following the person who had helped him. Bringing a charming little capstone to the event’s proceedings.

By Anna

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