Animals are put to sleep periodically.

Genuinely loving pet owners usually do this.

But not Pote. His owner brought him in to be euthanized because he wouldn’t eat.

They did the right thing by bringing the puppy to Sidewalk Specials, a sanctuary that helps animals in need.

Instead of merely following that person’s wishes, they gave him a comprehensive examination to see whether or not he was infected with a disease or parasite. They also set a tray of food in front of him, which he proceeded to eat in its entirety as soon as it was brought to his attention.

However, after the receipt of that care, he was adopted into a family in which he would get a great deal of affection and will spend the rest of his life as content and joyful dog.

The following video provides an illustration of the level of attention that Pote demanded.

But when he had received that treatment, he was given a loving home where he would experience a lot of attention and live out the remainder of his days in contentment.

The before and after pictures of his remarkable transformation are shown below:

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