In order to spend all of her affection onto these dogs, she established the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice in Mansfield, England.

Nicola can’t bear the thought of dogs living out their last days at a shelter without receiving the love and attention they need, so she takes many of them in. A candidate for euthanasia is any sort of dog that is thought to have fewer than six months to live, or any dog that is on the list of dogs to be put down.

She makes a separate checklist for each new puppy that she brings into her house, and it always includes a trip to the beach and a steak supper at the local pub.

Nicola is now taking care of two or three pets at the same time, in addition to finding foster homes for additional canines. Nicola is prepared to make the most out of the time that these dogs have left, regardless of how much time they have left.

By Elen

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