She was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where doctors discovered that she also had bruises on her body. They worked tirelessly for hours to remove the glue and also to fix her.

She was given the name Glory because of the struggle that she had to suffer and the determination that she had to carry on. It would probably take a few days in the emergency veterinarian’s office, and then much more time for the animal to recuperate completely.

However, these days she is eating, running, and even playing with her brand-new family!

It is just beyond my comprehension that somebody would intentionally do harm to such a loving and defenseless creature. The Waggy family had shown interest in fostering her, but they ultimately decided to take the next step and adopt her.

It’s the perfect outfit for her since she’s so carefree and at ease in it. She won’t ever again be forgotten about or mistreated in any way.

By Elen

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