A puppy that is extremely worried is seen waiting anxiously in front of the door for her ailing father to return home in a sequence of photographs that will warm your heart. The heartwarming scene demonstrates, once again, how devoted to their masters these extraordinary animals that we name dogs can be.

Since Leia was a little puppy, Katie Snyder has been Leia’s owner. Leia is a beautiful German Shepherd. However, just like any other dog, Leia likes spending time with her grandparents; so, when Leia’s mom took her to her parents’ property, Leia was quite ecstatic about the trip. But Katie’s dad and Leia had other ideas, so the visit turned out to be much longer than expected.

Leia enjoys being pampered by her grandparents despite the fact that she has a highly dominant demeanor, which is characteristic of German Shepherds. Perhaps because of this, she was able to form such a great relationship with them.

Katie noted for the Dodo that Leia is not your usual cuddling dog since she is quite independent. “Leia is not your typical cuddly dog,” “However, she loves each and every one of her people in their own special manner. Whether it be by lying down next to you during movie night or waiting patiently outside the bathroom door for you to finish, I am always there for you.

But Katie and her mother didn’t comprehend how intense the bond between Leia and her grandfather until her granddad was had to spend the night in the hospital without his beloved furry companion being able to accompany him. Only then did they grasp how powerful the attachment was.

Katie’s parents were nearly put in the middle of a terrifying situation during a celebration. When Katie’s father became sick, they were out having dinner when it happened. Later that evening, he was transported to the hospital, and his wife had to go back home since she couldn’t stay with him. Although it was obvious that everyone was worried about the man’s health, Leia was by far the most upset about the situation.

When she realized that her grandmother was the only one to return home, she walked to the front entrance, put on her most pitiful expression, and waited there, motionless, for a whole hour, for her human to come back. Katie’s mom took some images of her granddaughter Leia and sent them to Katie through text message.

Katie said that the image caused her to instantly start crying as soon as it was emailed to her. “It was such an overwhelming experience. I was able to see how much [Leia] actually loved and missed my dad, and I could see that she was longing for him.

Katie’s father made it back home safely the next day, and Leia couldn’t contain her joy when she saw him after such a long time apart when she finally saw him again. Katie’s original intention was to send Leia to live with her parents for a few months, but after seeing the close relationship that exists between the two of them, she made the spontaneous decision to make the arrangement permanent.

“When it comes to faithfulness, she is the epitome of what it means to be a dog. The young lady continued by saying, “He is her person now.”

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