The touching moment when a small boy is reunited with his lost pet is captured on film and can be seen all over the internet. When the little child learns that his pal is unharmed and unharmed after being missing for more than a month, he is unable to contain his emotions and breaks down in tears. The mother, Paula Williams, from Lubbock, Texas, took video of the heartwarming reunion and uploaded it on Facebook.

In the heartfelt message, Paula said that their beloved dog, Kase, had mysteriously vanished from their home and that they had never been able to locate him again. After over a month had passed, a family was finally able to locate the lost dog when they were walking around the neighborhood. Before phoning Paula to let her know that Kase is okay, the Good Samaritans took in the dog, provided him with food and shelter, and gave him a warm place to sleep.

After then, the lady came over to take Kase back home, and now she is preparing to tell her son the wonderful news that she has just received. Paula is announcing to her son that she has something really exciting in store for him as the camera is running. The little guy, who seems to be a little befuddled, is making his way toward the automobile, but he is unaware that Kase is already inside. The small child had been under the impression that he had permanently parted ways with his dog; thus, he cannot believe what he is witnessing when he sees him again.

The sentimental response of the little child when he was reunited with his dog speaks for itself. Almost immediately, he started crying happy tears as he was holding his pal. The sobbing little kid can be heard saying, “I missed you.”

The emotional impact of the reunion on the audience was profound. A few of them expressed their thoughts in the area reserved for comments. “Oh my god! I am sobbing right along with him. I am overjoyed that you have found Kase. One reader remarked, “I know your kid must have felt so bad without his pal.” I can only imagine how your son must have been feeling. Another person commented, saying, “What a cute video. I am overjoyed that you were able to find your puppy. Praise be to God, he was being protected from harm by your neighbors. It must be wonderful to see how well Kase gets along with your child!

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