When they drew closer, they saw that the dog was still in a very poor condition and decided to check on her immediately. When they did, they quickly pulled over to check on her. She seemed to be emaciated and had lost the majority of her hair as a result of the scabies that she had, which had caused the skin on her body to become highly scaly and uncomfortable.

They gave her food and drink and made sure to be extremely careful around her so that she wouldn’t get frightened and flee into the nearby traffic. Before they were finally able to capture her, they had to spend the next hour tallying up her body count first. When they picked the puppy up, to their amazement, she exhibited an unusually high level of composure. It was as though she suddenly realized that she was free from danger and that these women were there to assist her.

They took her to the veterinarian, who confirmed that she suffered from scabies. In addition, it was discovered that she had an eye infection, which luckily was not difficult to cure. After that, they took her back to their house so that they could provide care for her in a setting that was familiar to her while she recovered both psychologically and physically. They decided to give this lovely child the name Lucy. Lucy’s life up to this point is shrouded in mystery, but one thing can be said with absolute certainty: the days and years that are about to follow will finally provide her with all she deserves and much more.

During the course of her recuperation, she accomplished numerous “firsts,” such as going to the beach and walking on grass for the first time. Lucy eventually emerged from her reclusiveness and developed a warm and kind personality. She loves squishy hugs and has a lot of fun romping about with other dogs. After waiting another month, Lucy was eventually able to find a home with a kind couple called Matt and Brianna who were from Washington, District of Columbia.

” I think with all that she’s gone through, the fact that she’s so sweet and so loving and trusting of us is just incredible,” Brianna said. “I think given everything that she’s been through, the fact that she’s so loving and so trusting of us is just remarkable.”

Lucy had little trouble adjusting to her new surroundings and formed an instant connection with both of her adoptive parents after moving in. She is ruining herself every day by living the life she has always dreamed of. It is impossible to believe the difference she has made. Check the video clip below to see if you can see yourself, then click on the link in the caption to follow her travels on Instagram.

By Elen

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