In spite of the fact that we were aware that she needed to visit a veterinarian as soon as possible, when we attempted to rescue her, she ran into a sewer and buried herself there rather than coming out. We waited in the gutter for the rescue group for a total of three hours. It seems that the only way to release her was by a combination of hope and a very little amount of smoke.

A dog who had been found abandoned and was found to have a hole in her head was rescued, treated, and eventually found a loving home.

It was discovered by the veterinarian that the wound on her head was infested with maggots when she eventually made it to the clinic. We truly did not know what triggered it; it may have been another human, or it could have been because she was still engaged in a fight with another dog. Simply put, we had no doubt that she need assistance.

At Goal Paws’ible, our primary objective is to provide canines with a place to relax that is secure, quiet, and tranquil, most of the time in our own homes. We devise a treatment strategy for them based on any issues that have been detected, such as a skin condition, and we make sure that they are provided a nourishing raw diet together with vitamins in order to improve their immune systems. This helps us treat any problems that have been identified.

Maintaining a regular routine for them, such as set hours for eating, walking, or resting, helps them acclimate more quickly to their new surroundings and fosters a state of tranquility. Dogs that have been through substantial stress seem to recover more rapidly when they are in the company of other healthy, fully vaccinated dogs of the same breed. This is one of the findings that we have made. Puppies who have just been rescued get an understanding of how to interact and trust others by seeing the ties that their former owners have with a variety of people and canines.

Unfortuitously, the diagnosis of parvovirus in Michi was not made until after she had been placed in foster care. This exceedingly infectious infection may be spread either directly or indirectly via contact with an infected dog. Both types of interaction are equally likely to result in disease transmission. It’s conceivable that Michi had it before she went into the clinic, and the injection just brought it out; alternatively, she may have picked it up there. For this reason, foster homes need to have a high level of safety and security. Because of her elderly age and strong immune system, Michi was fortunate enough to survive.

When Michi first met Saffron, the lady who would eventually become her mother, it was a wonderful day. The appearance of her pawfect mate caused all of us to break down and cry. They presently make up a fairly unique little family in Bali, which consists of Saffron, her second rescue dog, Garscon, and Michi.

We would like to underline that every adopter goes through a comprehensive screening procedure that begins with filling out an online application. After we have received the application, we will contact the applicant by phone in order to complete additional crucial information and assess the applicant’s level of commitment to getting a new pet. A comprehensive home inspection is required so that we can be certain that the residence is entirely enclosed by fencing and is safe.

Saffron traveled for an hour and a half to meet Michi, and as soon as they did, they hit it off. As we began our time together at the medical facility where Michi was still recovering from parvo, we could already see that their connection was strong. Everyone around us was crying, and I intuitively knew that Michi’s house was in this room.

Michi is now held in extremely high esteem. The assistance of the whole community of people who love dogs was required in order to make this feasible.

We hope to be able to help many more dogs like Michi. This year, without a doubt, we will start the construction of The Recovery Centre, which is going to be a custom-designed “doggie dream house” for the rehabilitated animals that we take in. This means that we will be able to rescue a much greater number of animals and assist them throughout their rehabilitation and adoption processes. More information is available to be found here. Please give some thought to making a donation to assist us in realizing our aim and carrying on with rescuing dogs and cats in Bali.

By Elen

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