The Duchess Meghan is often the subject of criticism from royal watchers, who never fail to find something about her to criticize. This time, it was an outfit that she wore on an outing with her husband that had people talking—and not in a complimentary manner.

In the month of July 2022, the Duchess of Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, were seen in the city of New York. After attending the Nelson Mandela Day festivities at the United Nations, the two headed out to eat at Locanda Verde for dinner.

Harry had on a casual outfit consisting of a navy shirt, gray slacks, and gray shoes. His wife was dressed in a black and white strapless jumpsuit designed by Gabriela Hearst. The garment had black and white ties at the back and a broad white band at the top.

In addition, the jumpsuit had flared legs, and the Duchess of Sussex accessorized with a pair of black shoes to round off her appearance. Some people on social media made the observation that the costume looked to be the same as one that Harry’s sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore at a recent public appearance.

The gown that Princess William’s wife wore at the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” in May 2022 was designed by Roland Mouret, and it was quite similar to the one that she wore. The dress arrived in the same color as before and included a wide white band at the top, but this band served the purpose of allowing Kate to put her arms through the frock.

The band that was attached to Meghan’s jumpsuit stretched under her arms and over her chest. Where her jumpsuit split into two legs, her sister-in-dress law’s had a long skirt that reached the floor and covered her feet. This was in place of the jumpsuit that she wore.

Users on social media immediately began making similarities between the two individuals based on their attire, which was very similar. One Twitter user responded underneath Page Six’s piece with an allegation that Meghan Markle, Harry’s bride, was engaging in “desperate tactics” because she wanted “to be compared to Catherine.” The individual continued by saying that she wanted “to be likened to Catherine.”

“It’s a really pitiful display on Markle’s part, all things considered. Perhaps in an attempt to grab Tom’s attention.”

Tom Cruise, who played the lead role in the film that Kate Middleton and Prince William went to see, was presumably who the fan had in mind when they said “Tom.” Someone another referred to Harry’s wife as “unoriginal,” while a third individual believed that the Duchess of Sussex was trying to compete with the Duchess of Cambridge by writing the following:

“There’s no way Meghan is going to take first place in that competition.”

Both Meghan and Kate give off the impression of being “style twins.”

The event that took place in July 2022 was not the first occasion that Kate and Meghan had worn dresses that were very similar to one another. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first public appearance together at the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands, in April 2022, and the Duchess donned an all-white attire for the occasion.

She was dressed in a business suit that had a buttoned-up large jacket and wide-leg slacks. The lovely ensemble that Harry’s wife wore was finished off with a purse and shoes that matched, although Kate was seen in a very similar getup a few weeks before.

During the month of March in 2022, William’s wife was also seen wearing a white suit. She wore an orange blouse and a purse to provide some pops of color to her otherwise all-white ensemble, which consisted of a white jacket, slacks that matched, and shoes.

People magazine referred to the sisters-in-law as “style twins” in a post on Twitter that included a side-by-side comparison of the women’s outfits. As a result of the post, Meghan’s detractors came out to pass judgment on her, with one individual saying:

They are nothing even even similar to being style twins.

The individual discussed how the outfit worn by the Duchess of Sussex did not fit her properly and considered the comparison to be “an insult!” Another individual on Twitter demonstrated how people on social media inappropriately took sides by stating that they thought Meghan looked “youthful and stunning” in her attire.

The supporter expressed their delight in the fact that she had chosen to dress entirely in white and looked “beautiful.” Someone other shared the opinion that Harry’s wife came really close to looking fantastic on several occasions, but she ruined her appearance by not purchasing clothing in the appropriate size.

However, compared to Justin Bieber, she hasn’t done nearly as poorly as he has, so there’s that.
A supporter of the Duchess of Sussex responded to someone else’s criticism of Meghan by arguing that the royal had “that youthful fresh face” from the beginning of her career in the royal family. The supporter believed it was something that could not be replicated by anybody else.


Comparisons between the two Duchesses have been made on several occasions during the course of their respective reigns. People have remarked that the two of them have similar likes in apparel and style, such as the burgundy dress that Meghan wore at one point in October of 2018.

During their time on Fraser Island, she looked stunning in the patterned gown from & Other Stories. While her sister-in-law had worn a dress with long sleeves and polka dots in the same color a few days previously, Whistles was the one who designed and made her own.

When this event took place, Kate had only a few days previously attended the celebration for Radio One’s Teen Heroes at Kensington Palace. At a dinner hosted by Instagram in Toronto in May of 2016, Harry’s wife and William’s wife were seen wearing identical blue wrap-around dresses at the same time.

The ensemble was a perfect match for the gown that Kate wore in November 2010 during the engagement picture call she shared with her husband. In February of 2018, as Harry and Meghan were touring Scotland together, Meghan once again competed against her sister-in-law.

She donned a coat by Burberry that was a knockoff of Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen coatdress, which she wore to the St. Andrew’s Day celebration in 2012 while attending the event. The Duchess of Cambridge appeared in public in February 2015 wearing a long-sleeved white coat that stretched far over her knees.

She went to the headquarters of Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) in Portsmouth Old Town, which is located in England. Two years later, when Meghan made the formal announcement of her engagement to Harry at Kensington Palace, she wore a coat that was very identical to the one she had worn two years before.

Even before Meghan was a member of the royal family, she appeared on an episode of “The Today Show” in New York City in July 2016, wearing a sleeveless red dress. A few months later, in September, Kate was seen in Victoria, Canada, wearing an outfit that was quite identical to the first.

It was thought that the two Duchesses had a contentious relationship, despite the fact that they had a similar sense of style. During the tell-all interview that took place between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Oprah Winfrey on CBS in March 2021, Meghan discussed an event that had previously taken place with Kate.

She said that William’s wife had caused her to weep in the days leading up to her and Harry’s wedding. According to a source who spoke to People magazine in December 2021, Kate was “very, really furious” about the rifts that had developed between the Cambridges and the Sussexes.

A royal specialist told The Mirror in March 2022 that the Duchess of Cambridge found it “mortifying” when her sister-in-law talked about her to Winfrey. This information was provided by the royal expert. The queen vowed that she would never forget how Meghan had treated her, but she expressed a desire for their rivalry to come to a stop.


In addition to being accused of imitating Kate, Meghan has also been criticized for emulating her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. This accusation has been leveled against both of them. One commenter commented on the photo in which her jumpsuit was likened to Kate Middleton’s clothing, writing:

“Meagan is always paraphrasing either Kate or Diana. Find your own path in life!”

The user of the social networking platform was not the only one who purportedly made the connection. Samantha Markle, Meghan’s estranged half-sister, told GB News in August 2021 that she hadn’t originally observed if the royal had an infatuation with her late husband’s mother or not. She said that she didn’t know whether or not the royal was obsessed with her late husband’s mother.

However, she said that she saw some indicators of her developing a “unhealthy fixation” with the People’s Princess after Meghan became a member of the British Royal Family. She claimed that she saw these signs after Meghan became a member of the British Royal Family. Samantha said that in her opinion, all little girls back when Diana was alive had fantasies of growing up to be princesses.

However, when she began viewing images of the Duchess of Sussex, she noted how Meghan reportedly replicated Diana’s movements and the outfits that Diana wore. She also noticed that Meghan wore a similar kind of dress. She said that her younger half-sister had been studying the lifestyles of members of the Royal Family since that was where she aspired to go.

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