The happy couple from Brazil could not have asked for a better day. Douglas Robert and Tamris Muzini were ready to say “yes” in front of God when an unexpected guest stole their moment – and ultimately their hearts. Both of them were a little frightened, as they should have been, but they were going to say it anyway. These young folks were about to be married when a lovely stray puppy decided to disrupt their ceremony and watch them exchange vows. But they had the kindest response of anybody I’ve ever seen. The four-legged visitor is now a member of their family!

She saw a dog sitting just outside the front entrance of the church when the bride arrived, but she did not pay much attention to it since she was preoccupied with something else. In spite of this, the beautiful creature insisted on remaining for the exchange of vows, so he maneuvered his way past the attendees of the ceremony, and by the time it was through, he had managed to steal the show.

The person who had crashed the newlyweds’ wedding persisted in offering their congratulations as soon as they emerged from the chapel. Everyone took pleasure in the dog’s presence, especially the married couple who saw him as a gift from God. Therefore, Robert and Taris fell quickly in love with him, and they became his parents very immediately after that.

“He stood up and made an attempt to shake the hands of the bride and groom. When that moment came, the bride turned to me and said, “I want to adopt him, he’s great.” The wedding planner, Huandra, spoke to Bored Panda about the situation. ” “The dog stole our hearts and completely won us over.”

After they were married, Tamris and her husband had already decided that they wanted to adopt a dog, but they never expected it to happen so quickly!

“When he welcomed us at the conclusion of the event, so, he asked: ‘Take me home. “Take me,” the bride pleaded with her groom. “When I saw him, my heart warmed, and after discussing it with Robert [her husband], we agreed to welcome him into our new family.”

The next day, after the wedding, the couple went looking for the dog, but they were unable to locate him anywhere. Anyway, they decided to give their wedding planner a call in the hopes that she may assist them. So Huandra decided to send some photographs of the dog to some local animal welfare organizations. To her amazement, she received a phone call within a few hours from someone who informed her that they knew where the puppy was.

“After a few hours, another follower of mine wrote me a message that included photographs. “I knew the dog right quickly, even though he was quite a distance away at the coffee shop,” she added. “While the couple went to the location to view him, I instructed the follower who goes by the name of Joyce to keep him for them.”

The very same day, Tamris and Robert carried the puppy to their house, but upon closer inspection, they discovered that he had been hurt, although in a very minor way. Therefore, in order to have him checked out medically, they took him to the veterinarian.

The young couple is now having a wonderful time on their honeymoon; however, the puppy, which they have called Braiá Caramelo, is patiently waiting for them at Tamri’s mother’s home, where she is sitting in luxury.

By Anna

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