After her youngster had been injured and thrown into a ditch, a mother made a valiant effort to retrieve her child using this wonderful video.

The clip shows that the mother and all of her children seem to have successfully navigated the ditch without causing any accidents.

The younger dog, who had not been as fortunate as his siblings, was going to lose his balance and tumble.

The huge retriever approached the edge of the ditch in a careful manner, getting as near as she could.

But as he proceeded to pull himself up, he went on to forcefully take his child by the ear and pull them both up to a standing position.

They had to work together in order to ascend the slope, which, despite the fact that it was not very steep, was nonetheless steep enough to put the adorable but scared puppy in danger of being carried away by the swift-moving stream in the ravine.

The puppy and his mother were able to proceed with their voyage after overcoming the challenge that they came across.

There is no love quite like that of a mother, and the need to shield one’s offspring from harm is universal across all species, even in the most precarious of circumstances.

By Anna

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