Anna Nicole Smith, a model who had worked for Playboy, was killed tragically unexpectedly in Florida on February 8, 2007, when she was 39 years old. The celebrity, who came to popularity as a model for Guess jeans, was discovered unconscious in her hotel room adjacent to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino before being brought to the hospital. The hotel is located next to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

The night before Anna was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital, she and her companion, Howard K. Stern, slept at the Hard Rock Hotel. Charlie Tiger, the head of police in Seminole, said that the hospital informed them that the celebrity passed away at 2:49 in the afternoon.

Howard was left “devastated” by Anna’s loss, and he was unable to talk as a result. On September 28, 2006, the two had participated in a commitment ceremony during which they exchanged vows. The symptoms of the flu and cold had been affecting the model for many days prior to her loss, and she had not been doing well.

Anna had begun her vacation in Florida at the beginning of the previous week when she checked into her hotel. She had intended to return home on the following Friday. According to Julianne Carelli, who is the public relations and advertising manager of the hotel, the celebrity was a “regular visitor.”

Her most recent birthday was spent at the hotel, where she also shot a video for TrimSpa. When Anna arrived, a witness said that she seemed “a bit wobbly” and that she was unable to walk straight; nevertheless, Howard managed to hold her up and stabilize her.

On Thursday, the insider saw Anna’s bodyguard sprinting into the building and then onto an elevator. A few minutes later, the witness observed Howard sprinting out of the elevator and toward the front desk in what could only be described as a “frantic” manner.

When Anna passed away, her daughter Dannielynn Hope had only been alive for five months at the time. She was given the name Daniel Wayne Smith, after the model’s first son, in honor of her birthplace in the Bahamas. When asked about his late partner on the January 2011 episode of “Good Morning America,” Howard characterized him as follows:

“She was the mother of my kid, my closest friend, and the lover of my life. She was everything to me, and when I say everything, I mean literally everything. She was my entire world.”

On September 26, 2006, Anna made an accusation in public that Howard was Dannielynn’s biological father. The allegation concerned Anna’s daughter. On the celebrity’s daughter’s birth certificate, the celebrity’s lawyer and close confidante is listed as the child’s father.

Following Anna’s passing, there was speculation as to whether or not Howard was Dannielynn’s biological father. The attorney stated that he and the late model were “certain” that he was the father due to the circumstances surrounding the birth of the young girl, and he added:

“There is really no question in either of our minds at this point.”

However, a different guy named Larry Birkhead, a photographer stepped forward and claimed that Dannielynn was his kid! The entertainment reporter said that Anna had claimed to him that she knew he was the biological father of the young child and that she had evidence!

Anna’s ex-boyfriend claims that up until they had a “small dispute,” he accompanied the late reality star to all of her doctor’s visits when she was pregnant. However, the two eventually broke up. The photographer battled for the kid and even urged Howard to have paternity tests done in order to prove his relationship with the child.

In January of 2015, it was discovered by Fox News that Larry had previously filed a lawsuit requesting that Anna and daughter Dannielynn come to California for paternity tests prior to the model’s passing away. During the time when Anna was still grieving the loss of her adult son Daniel, the paperwork was submitted.

After a heated argument in April 2007, it was determined that Larry, not Howard, was the father of the little girl who was then seven months old. DNA testing was able to establish beyond a reasonable doubt who the child’s biological father was, thanks to the efforts of a court in the Bahamas.

In May of 2007, Larry traveled all the way from the Bahamas to come to Kentucky with his and Anna’s kid. He expressed to the media how relieved he was to finally be back in his own house and how much he was looking forward to presenting his daughter to his family.

The photographer said that he was going to show Dannielynn off to his family in Louisville, then relax and have some fun with her. A court in the Bahamas gave Larry permission to take his daughter out of the country one week before they were scheduled to arrive in Kentucky.

The Bahamas government issued a new birth certificate to Ann’s ex-boyfriend, which included a line attesting to the fact that he is the child’s father. After providing care for Dannielynn at the house in the Bahamas that Howard had previously occupied with her late mother, his name was removed from the official records.

The photographer explained to Entertainment Tonight in September 2017 how he was dealing with the responsibility of parenting Anna’s kid as a single dad. Larry said that he and Dannielynn went to a pool party, but he was uncomfortable there due to the presence of a large number of women who were moms.

He worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle everything since the ladies were sitting about chatting. His daughter approached him, grabbed his foot, and forced it on the foot of the lady who was standing next to him. She then insisted that they get acquainted with one another.

When Larry’s daughter encouraged him to go on dates and other activities outside the home, he found it really endearing and amusing. Dannielynn didn’t ask a lot of questions about her late mother because, according to Anna’s ex-boyfriend, everyone was too busy talking about the celebrity all the time.

However, he had had some uncomfortable situations, such as having to explain to her why her Wikipedia page said that she had the surname “Stern” when she was a newborn. Thankfully, the little girl came to terms with the fact that she missed her mother as she grew older.

However, the fact that she was so attached to her female instructors did not indicate that she lacked a maternal figure in her life. According to Larry, his daughter clung to the moms of her girlfriends and would ask them if they would adopt her or if they would be her honorary parents.

The photographer remembered a day when Dannielynn’s friend’s fish had passed away, and the little girl consoled her by adding that Anna was taking care of the deceased pet’s pet fish. The little girl assured everyone that her mother would look after the fish.

Larry could not help but feel proud of his daughter because of the way she handled the loss of her mother. He referred to her as a “nice kid,” someone he could joke around with and have a good time with even if she was the one responsible for wearing him out.

The ex-boyfriend of the late model remembered another time when he and Dannielynn were on a roller coaster at an amusement park when he held her as they dropped more than 200 feet. After she had specifically asked him not to hold her, the little girl reprimanded him for doing so.

Because there was only so much that Larry could do for her, he recognized that he needed to step back and let her choose her own path in life. He couldn’t help but be impressed by how she occasionally dealt with difficult situations.

In the month of January 2020, People Now conducted an interview with Larry, during which he discussed his daughter’s development. He disclosed in a funny way that she had “a lot of attitudes” toward him and would refuse to wear certain outfits or go to school!

Larry [Birkhead] observed that for most of the year, Dannielynn [Birkhead] did nothing except lounge about the home wearing sweatpants and no makeup, just like any other typical adolescent.
The behavior of Dannielynn was typical of a normal adolescent: she did not make her bed and said that she had completed all of her assignments. Larry noted that they were just like everyone else, and his goal with the documentary “Hopelessly In Love” was to provide people with a look inside their life while also paying tribute to Anna’s memories.

The only father described a normal day in their life, which included him hosting playdates for his daughter’s classmates at their home. The photographer served as the designated driver for Dannielynn and the rest of the group when they went to various locations including amusement parks.

He added that she was a lot of fun and that she had the same fearlessness as her late mother. In May of 2022, Anna’s daughter became 15 years old, and the same month, her father made a brag on Instagram about how much she resembled the late model who had passed away.

Larry observed that for most of the year, Dannielynn did nothing except lounge about the home wearing sweatpants and no makeup, just like any other typical adolescent. Nevertheless, she had one day every week when she would spruce herself up, and he would notice:

“She reminds me a lot of her mother. She can blend in with any crowd.”

The photographer went on to say, “She looks like her mom, you know, particularly with cosmetics,” as an additional comment. Before adding, “But she really, you know, sort of struck me as since she doesn’t wear makeup that often,” I thought to myself, “She really strikes me as.”

In February of 2022, Larry posted an old picture from his Instagram account showing him and Anna making out. He remarked that he still remembered her because she was one of a kind despite the fact that she fought for love and acceptance.

He took notice of the fact that once she discovered either one, life had a way of making things difficult for the late model. Larry recalled the soul, heart, and beauty of his former partner, and he added, “Your love is alive yet to this day, in the shape of a genuinely one-of-a-kind adolescent with her Mother’s smile, beauty, and bravery.”

At the end of his article, he expressed the affection that he and Dannielynn had for Anna. It was obvious from the teenager’s Instagram images that she had taken after her mother’s passing that she had taken after her.

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