The pit bull terrier named Kaya was scheduled to be put down at the shelter; but, thankfully, one couple was able to get to her early and save her life.

She used her freedom walk to get away from there and went straight to the foster home she had been placed in. The dog was on the lean side, so they took care to assist her in gaining weight in a way that was neither unhealthy or unnatural.

When she started to exhibit signs of having a belly, everyone assumed that it was because she had been overfed. But it wasn’t even close to being the case at all. It was then discovered that Kaya was pregnant! Nobody knew …

When the pittie went into labor for the final time, the pair was ready to reassure and soothe her. They thought she was finished after the 15th puppy, but half an hour later, she started heavily panting again. They were wrong. The arrival of this new puppy brings the overall number of canine offspring to 16 at this time.

By Anna

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