Everyone agrees that grandmothers are the most beloved members of their families, and this sentiment is shared worldwide. They take care of us, feed us, and have a tendency to believe that we can do no wrong. Grandmothers take great pleasure in doting on their grandchildren to an unhealthy degree.

So, what happens when a grandma takes in a new kind of grandchild, a grand-cat, instead of traditional grandchildren?

It is undeniably charming, to put it mildly. After getting a new cat as a pet, the granddaughter of an Imgur user wanted to share some of the messages that her grandmother had written to her. The love that the grandma has for her cat is unadulterated and unadulterated, much as the love that the granddaughter has for her grandmother.

The beginning of the cute text thread is when the cat’s name is revealed to be Fern!

Take a look at her! She enjoys being combed over very much.

She is adorable, but her eyes seem to be saying, “FEED ME RIGHT NOW.”

By Anna

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