After posting some photos of his husky, Tally, on Reddit, user Dong of justice gained a modicum of internet notoriety and became somewhat famous. This is no ordinary husky since the dog “felt she was… a cat herself” due to the fact that she was “raised with cats.”

“She would urinate on our carpets if we ever did anything wrong as well,” we were told. In addition to this, she had an uncanny ability to zero in on the most inappropriate settings (i. e. carpets, rugs, etc.). She sat like a cat with her arms and legs curled beneath herself, giving the impression that she was purring.

Tally is not a true husky by any stretch of the imagination. Her master claims that she is a mix of husky and malamute, along with a trace of another breed. She more closely resembles a malamute in appearance and demeanor (which are also somewhat cat-like), but because most people are unfamiliar with malamutes, I will refer to her as a husky.

The Reddit user’s gallery, to my great regret, does not include any photographs of cats. Her former owners had cats in the house while she was growing up, but they only showed me images of her as a puppy without the cats. “I can’t verify that she was raised with them or that she really believes she’s a cat,” the dog’s owner said, explaining that she couldn’t establish any of those things.

Tally, also known as Tao Tao, is a very cat-like husky. Without further ado, here is the official introduction of Tally, also known as Tao Tao (the name means naughty in Chinese).

“The husky I had was brought up with cats, and she honestly believed that she was one of them”

Additionally, she sat in a cat-like position, with her arms and legs tucked beneath her body.

And much like a cat, Tally enjoyed taking up residence in cardboard boxes.

“In the end, she decided to remain in that room for some time.”

When she was two years old, we adopted her into our family.

“Her former owners had cats, so they socialized her with them when she was little.”

“She is really close to becoming absolutely silent. She enjoys spending her days lounging in that spot, during which she secretly forms opinions on the many individuals she sees.

If you don’t get into some kind of bother at least once a day, your day isn’t really worth living.

If you don’t get into some kind of bother at least once a day, your day isn’t really worth living.

“Fact of the day: You could get the impression that she’d like it if you scratched her tummy. You would be completely incorrect. She won’t stop staring at you and sighing loudly until you break eye contact with her.

“People would often approach me on the street merely to comment on how stunningly attractive she was. Typically, I wouldn’t have enough time to hear everything before she dragged me away.

“She may be sluggish, but she’s adaptable, so she’ll turn her head to see what’s going on.”

“Bye everyone, hope you liked!”

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