When Holly, a hybrid between a Husky and a Shepherd, sees her owner petting Titan, a Siberian Husky, she immediately turns a jealous shade of green. Holly, you have to figure out how to give love to others!

Let’s be honest: despite their diva-like behavior, we all adore our dogs, even when they behave like spoiled brats. One such illustration is this spoilt Husky that I’ve got here. One of these gorgeous dogs truly misses out on all the fun because she is envious of her closest buddy, whose owner is working so hard to make both of his doggies happy by patting and hugging them.

But, on the other hand, you are a human being; you have two hands! You just need to reach out and pet both of them at the same moment to do this. Holly is the most aware of this fact, and she makes a never-ending demand to be petted in the same manner and at the same time, because why not? Therefore, if her owners switch their attention to Titan, she instantly pulls his hand towards her; she will not tolerate even a single second of alone time without a hug!

She makes it clear to her owner on several occasions how she feels about him petting another dog when it should be her, but it seems that the human is unable to accept hints. As a result, she does what any one of us would do in a scenario like this: she stands up and moves closer to her master, preventing him from reaching the other dog with his hand. “He belongs to me!”

Because he isn’t receiving the attention that he thinks he deserves, it drives him to the point where he chooses to throw a funny tantrum. Holy cow, Holly! Don’t act like a fool. Your father adores both of you.

By Elen

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