In the photo of Meaty that was posted on the website for adoption, he seemed to be happy. After the first time she saw it, his new mother understood that she wanted to see his smiling face each and every day, so she decided to adopt him.

When Lisa saw Meaty’s happy face pop up on her Facebook page, he was residing at a shelter in Culver City, which is located in the state of California. She claimed that he looked like a cartoon character when he smiled since his grin was so alive, and that’s when she decided she wanted to adopt him.

Lisa didn’t waste any time and submitted an adoption application for Meaty, which was soon accepted. Consequently, she took the cheerful puppy with her, and she is rewarded with the privilege of seeing his wide, toothy smile on a daily basis. Having said that, there is one aspect about Meaty’s grin that she did not foresee…

Then there was Joe, Lisa’s husband, who was utterly taken aback by the adorable puppy. According to Lisa, the one thing that Meaty enjoys doing more than anything else at this point is beaming affectionately at Joe, “like the emoji with the heart eyes.” Because Joe and Meaty are so smitten with one another, Lisa has the impression that she is the “third wheel” in their relationship and wonders “who Joe would pick if it came down to it.”

Because Joe carries Meaty around the house and treats him like a huge baby, no one can fault Meaty for his behavior in this regard. Throughout it all, Meaty can’t help but crack a smile and wants nothing more than to be near to the person he loves. It should come as no surprise that he has his father wrapped around his large, meaty paw.

Even though she is ecstatic with Meaty’s arrival, Lisa acknowledges that things were not always that rosy when he first got there. He was a bad boy who behaved out and had temper tantrums whenever he wasn’t able to get his way. He was a nasty puppy. According to Lisa, he would “scream his face off” if he was denied what he wanted at the time he wanted it.

But eventually Meaty’s parents came to the conclusion that he was merely a highly smart dog. They committed themselves to improving his skills and pushing him to his limits. It seemed as if he was simply too intelligent for his own good and need employment. Meaty is dedicated to his profession and is a wonderful representative of his breed in more ways than one.

In addition to this, he has helped many people overcome their first reservations towards pit bulls. However, he has most significantly altered the feelings of his parents. They experience nothing but joy when they consume meaty things. It is difficult to say no to that lovable grin of his.

By Elen

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