Over the last several years, there has been a significant increase in interest in small homes. Whether you’re a hippy nomad or a stylish millennial, a small home may provide you with mobility, variety, simplicity, and minimalism while also providing you with a living area that is really unique. The benefits of leading a more condensed lifestyle outweigh the apparent disadvantages that come along with having a smaller living space for some people. The lifestyle that comes with living in a smaller space, such as a tiny home, is something that many people really like.

Luke Thill, a wonderful young man from Dubuque, Iowa, set out to build his own little house in the backyard of his parent’s home, and the results were incredible. Luke is just thirteen years old.

Although Luke’s parents did provide a hand sometimes, Luke did most of the work on the home all by himself.
Luke was able to accumulate the required $1,500 for the construction of the home by mowing lawns, organizing a fund-raising event, and trading his services. In one such instance, he volunteered to clean up the garage of a friend of his father’s who was also an electrician. This buddy of his dad’s returned the favor by assisting Luke in the installation of the electrical components in his little dwelling.

The majority of the materials that were used in Luke’s construction were either salvaged or recovered.
Luke’s ability to construct the home within their budget was greatly helped by the fact that he was able to get several components, such as leftover siding from his grandmother and a front door from a friend of his uncle’s, from people who were willing to donate them. When everything was finished, he had a grand opening and invited anyone who had assisted in the building of the home in some kind, regardless of how they had contributed.

At its peak, the height of the home is ten feet, and its width is five feet and five inches.
Luke now has his own area that is the pinnacle of coolness for adolescent hangouts thanks to the finished small home. Who among their adolescent years doesn’t dream of having their own home, complete with all the amenities? Luke has outfitted the little lounge space with a microwave, refrigerator, and television.

The plumbing is the only item that the little home is lacking (at least for the time being).

Luke solves this problem by washing his hands and dishes in a bowl and a huge water jar that has a spout attached to it. In order to do any further personal hygiene tasks, he needs to dash back to his parents’ home.

The use of space in little dwellings may be rather creative at times.

For example, the dining table/desk is assembled by folding down a huge board from a neighboring wall and putting it on a metal bar that extends from beneath the loft steps. This creates the surface for the table/desk. This makes the hangout area into a location that may be used as a desk or a dining table. It is possible for him to seat up to four people around this table, which can then be entirely folded back up, thanks to the fact that he stores an additional chair underneath the main seat.

Due to the fact that Luke is still an adolescent, he is not permitted to permanently reside in his modest house.
Even though he only gets to spend a few nights there each week, he uses it mostly as a place to complete his schoolwork and hang out with his friends.

When he does spend time in his “loft,” he sleeps on a short foam mattress that his dad created for him, and despite what he jokes about it, it’s really not that horrible!

“In comparison to the mattress in my own bedroom, I find that this one offers a higher level of comfort.”

It’s possible that one day, Luke, you’ll be able to make your own house into a place where you can live permanently.

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