Matt Damon, one of the most gorgeous actors in Hollywood, has been romantically associated with a number of different stunning Hollywood ladies, including Minnie Driver, Winona Ryder, and Penelope Cruz, amongst others.

Regrettably, none of those relationships progressed very far; nonetheless, in general, he was the kind of bachelor that a lot of women would have been interested in dating.

After first meeting each other on the set of “Good Will Hunting,” he began a relationship with Minnie Driver. However, not long after the film helped him achieve more recognition, the couple broke up, and he later began seeing Ryder.

In December of 1997, Ryder was first introduced to him by his buddy and lover, Ben Affleck’s girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. They began dating and had a successful relationship together until the year 2000 when they decided to go their separate ways.

The actor went on to a new relationship with Penelope Cruz, but that one, too, was unsuccessful in producing any fruitful results. When he was attached to a new lady for the first time after a breakup, she was quite different from his previous girlfriends.

The lady for whom Matt Damon fell head over heels was completely unique in comparison to the other women he had dated in the past. She was just an average lady who held down a job behind the bar so that she and her daughter, who was then four years old, could make ends meet.

Damon fell head over heels in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her, despite the fact that she had previously been married and divorced. Neither of these facts, however, were sufficient to prevent him from falling in love with her. Even still, the actor acknowledged that he liked the fact that she was not a typical Hollywood diva.

In a pub in Miami, Damon was able to find his future bride. He was in the middle of filming a movie in Miami when he received an invitation from several of the other cast members to join them for a drink.

He originally made an effort to wiggle out of the commitment, but they were successful in persuading him to come along with them, and he ultimately gave in to their demand. He claims that when he spotted the Argentine lady Luciana Barroso across the room, he realized he had located the missing rib he had been looking for.

People started to recognize him before he could even start talking to her, and they immediately began begging for autographs. Because some of the people there had already had something to drink, it began to become a bit rowdy, so he hid behind her bar in the hopes of avoiding being seen by anybody.

He then told her that he had seen her earlier and wanted to speak to her, but rather than fawn over him like other people did, she put him to work mixing drinks, which he did very well because he had learned the art of bartending while filming a previous movie. She did this rather than fawn over him as other people did.

That night, he generated a lot of money for Barroso since people wanted to see him, and while they were working together, Barroso also understood that they had a connection with one other. At the conclusion of the night, he encouraged her to spend the next night with him and his friends, but she declined, giving the explanation that she needed to spend time with her daughter.

He was won over by the fact that she prioritized certain things, and as a result, his feelings for her deepened. That he could be so chill about her becoming a parent blew Barroso’s mind, and it was because of this that the two of them started dating. She would later confess that the spark she felt between them on that first night was the only thing that mattered to her, and not who he was as an actor. In her words:

“I was just known as Matt. To me, he is just known as Matt.”

The two people decided to start dating in 2003 after discovering that they had feelings for one another. People around him instantly understood that he was really passionate about the woman he was introducing to his friends at a local restaurant in Boston since he showed a lot of physical affection toward her during the introduction.

The actor was reportedly quite discreet with his previous partners, but when it came to Barroso, he was as open as a book and made it very plain that he loved her. This information was provided by the actor’s close friend Jamal Prince.

Theirs was a marriage made in heaven due to the fact that, just like him, she didn’t care much for the attention that came with being in a relationship with a star. The actor would not have had it any other way, and Barroso was perfectly content with just spending time with him.

It didn’t take long for Damon to get along with Alexia, and only two years after he and Alexia started dating, he popped the question to her. In 2005, the couple tied the knot in a low-key, private ceremony that took place at a location that has since been kept secret.

Barroso’s daughter was reportedly one among the few persons who were able to attend the wedding, as stated by spokesperson Jennifer Allen. Even his closest buddy, Ben Affleck, did not get an invitation.

The rings that they gave each other on that special day had been specially crafted with six very little diamonds that had been split between them and set on the inside of their respective wedding bands. When Damon’s grandfather and grandmother were married, the diamonds were a sign of devotion from Damon’s grandpa to his grandma.

The actor claims that his grandpa was not able to purchase much back in those days, which is why he just had those very little diamonds set into a ring for his grandmother. She presented the ring to his mother, and his mother afterward handed it to him.

When he got married, he hoped to be able to bring the finest parts of his grandparent’s marriage with him. His grandparent’s marriage lasted for many decades, and he wanted to be able to do the same.

In 2007, Damon was chosen as the sexiest man alive; nevertheless, he did all in his power to refuse the distinction since he considered that he was not even close to being in that category. He thanked everyone who voted for him and gave him great praise, but he maintained a strong interest in keeping his personal life private. He said:

“You provided an elderly suburban dad with the most significant ego boost of his whole life. Now that she’s nine years old, my stepdaughter thinks I’m cool… My wife has just realized that she is married to one of the most desirable men on the planet.”

If anybody had told Barroso that the actor she met that night would one day make her his wife, dote on their kid, and be rated the sexiest man alive, she would have laughed at them. She had no idea that the guy would go on to do any of those things.

Damon and his wife have expanded their family with the birth of three additional girls since they tied the knot. Their names are Gia, Isabella, and Stella. When asked about his family, the actor always states that he has four children, which suggests that he counts Barroso’s firstborn as one of his own children as well.

Damon, who very sometimes loves talking about his family, has said that being a father of four daughters has altered him in a manner that he did not think was even possible before he became a parent.

He had always been concerned about getting “body fluids” from babies on himself; however, after he had one of his own, that changed because he realized it was not as serious if it was one of his children. Before he had one of his own, he always worried about getting “body fluids” from babies on himself.

When compared to other movie stars, Damon is afforded the opportunity to bring up his children away from the scrutiny of the public. This is possible due to the fact that he has become even more reclusive after becoming a father to Lucy’s daughter.

The happy father and husband have tattoos on his body that include the names of all of his daughters as well as his wife. He once posted a picture of one of these tattoos on his Instagram page, which caused many people’s hearts to melt.

Although his love for Barroso has endured the test of time, on April 13, 2013, the couple recommitted themselves to one another in front of around fifty witnesses. Sugar Beach Resort on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia served as the setting for the event. The actor paid six figures to hire out the resort for the occasion.

Fans have high hopes that things will stay the same for the pair as time goes on; however, if the ceremony that lasted for fifteen minutes is any indicator, they don’t need much encouragement to stay together.

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