Brittany Murphy, best known for her role in the film “Clueless,” started her ascent to fame while she was only a teenager. Unfortunately, her tragic death, which might have been avoided, cut short her career much too soon. After her death, a lot of people questioned whether or not her husband, who had been pushing for her to have cosmetic surgery, was to blame.

Brittany Murphy has only ever been married once, and her former husband was also involved in the entertainment business. However, what seemed like it would be a sweet love story between two secret lovers turned out to be a story that ended in tragedy.

Even before they were introduced, the actress was open to the possibility of dating renowned people. Both the actor Ashton Kutcher and the musician Eminem were said to be interested in her romantically.

In later years, she was romantically involved with Joe Macaluso and Jeff Kwatinetz. Because of her closeness with both of them, they ended up becoming engaged, but their marriages did not endure. Macaluso, who worked on “Little Black Book” as a production assistant, was Brittany’s first fiancĂ©, while Kwatinetz was her second. Kwatinetz was also Brittany’s second fiancĂ©.

Brittany was successful in finding the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with on her third try. This time, she fell completely in love with the English screenwriter and producer Simon Monjack. This time, she fell madly in love with him. Their fling eventually developed into something more meaningful in her life: the one and only marriage she has ever had.

However, this was Monjack’s second time going through the marriage process. He was formerly married to Simone Bienne, but the marriage ended in divorce in 2006. Additionally, he was previously engaged to Elizabeth Ragsdale, the mother of his children and the woman with whom he had shared parental responsibilities.

Monjack claimed that he saw Brittany onscreen and anxiously waited to meet her, however the exact timing of their first encounter is unknown. This gave the impression that the actress was rather young during this time period.

After a number of years had passed, when they at last made the decision to resume their relationship, they discovered that they were head over heels in love with one another. After the premiere of “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” on HBO Max, the actress’s closest friends discussed how excited she was to start a new chapter in her life by getting married.

Brittany’s friends believed that Monjack was not the ideal match for her, despite the fact that Brittany was pleased. They were concerned as well due to the fact that the pair had only been dating for a few months, but her mother, Sharon Murphy, concurred with this assessment. In the words of her longtime friend and former co-star, Kathy Najimy:

“I believe that Sharon was in favor of the marriage…

Everyone was frightened and confused, and we were all wondering who this person was and what was going on.”

Because the pair never made public their intention to become engaged (something that admirers of the “Clueless” actor found strange), very few people were aware of their romantic history. Many people were taken aback when they found out about their wedding, which was likewise a low-key event.

The only people who attended the wedding were relatives of the family, and it was conducted by a rabbi. After the small, intimate ceremony, the couple continued to live a secretive lifestyle; they did not discuss the wedding reception and withheld photographs of their wedding ring from the public eye.

They were sipping Crown Royal and didn’t want paparazzi to snap photographs of their rings since they were going to make an official announcement on Monday, according to a source.

However, a few days later, a writer from US Weekly observed the duo at a Playboy party at the Kentucky Derby flashing Neil Lane wedding rings. The event took place on May 5. After further investigation, it was discovered that they went for diamond cut bands made of yellow and white platinum.


People who were close to Brittany commented on the significant changes in her way of life when she married Monjack. Cynthia Hill’s documentary series on HBO Max delves into these topics in further depth.

The woman who created “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” had her own misgivings about working with the English scriptwriter. Hills was of the opinion that he was a “disturbed” guy who preyed on women, and unfortunately, Brittany fell prey to his schemes.

A close friend of the actress, Lisa Rieffel, has said that after the couple were married, Monjack began isolating her friend from the rest of the world and preventing her from communicating with anybody else. In her words:

“The next day, her phone numbers were different, and nobody knew where to locate her. She was taken from him by Simon. That completed the exercise. He took precautions to ensure that no one could approach her.”

According to Najimy, Monjack was in complete command and command of the situation at all times while he was utilizing her money. The screenwriter often provided transportation for his wife to her place of employment and waited for her until she was done. The final result was that Brittany’s accessibility became “more and more restricted.”

Unfortunately, Brittany was abandoned to cope with her own personal difficulties on her own. During the early stages of her career, she was fixated on establishing herself as a starring act and striving to have a reputation for being flawless. After being turned down for a part, the actress from “Clueless” began a stringent diet and exercise regimen in order to drastically reduce her body fat percentage.

In 2005, she said that she did not suffer from an eating issue and made an effort to convince her followers that her size had hardly altered and that she was healthy. She also added that she was happy and healthy.

Reporter for People Magazine at the time, Sara Hammel, claimed that Monjack never gave his wife any encouragement, despite the fact that she already struggled with similar concerns. She insisted that rather, it was him who:

“influenced her to develop an unhealthy obsession with cosmetic surgery. He would often tell her, “Your teeth don’t seem quite right.” Your nose is all screwed up. There’s a possibility that we’ll have to do something about your chin.”

Brittany passed away in her house under strange circumstances two years after her marriage. The Chief Coroner Investigator Craig Harvey determined that pneumonia, anemia, and the use of several drugs all contributed to the decedent’s death.

Since the actress had been unwell, she had taken a significant number of over-the-counter medications. However, she had a conversation with her mother a little over a week before she passed away, and it was then that she made the decision to go to the doctor.

On December 20, 2009, the woman who was 32 years old tragically passed away when she was in the restroom. A renowned pathologist by the name of Dr. Richard Shepherd revealed that her death may have been avoided if she had checked into a medical institution twenty-four hours sooner.

When Sharon discovered her daughter, she immediately called 911, therefore Dr. Shepherd did not consider it to be a case of neglect on her part. Instead, he said:

“Due to the fact that Brittany was in such a deep state of sedation, it is quite likely that neither Simon nor Sharon had any clue how unwell she truly was. It’s possible that’s why they didn’t call an ambulance in the first place.”

It was five months after Brittany’s passing before her husband also passed away. According to the autopsy report, the circumstances surrounding each of their deaths were quite similar. The screenwriter was hospitalized with serious symptoms of pneumonia and anemia.

At Forest Lawn cemetery in the Hollywood Hills, next to Brittany’s grave, Monjack was laid to rest. The passing of Brittany was a harrowing ordeal for the people who loved her and for her family. Sadly, it caused friction between her and her mother and father.

Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, said that she had passed away as a result of poisoning, notwithstanding the findings of the autopsy. He arrived to this judgment as a consequence of a laboratory result that indicated the presence of 10 different heavy metals in a single strand of her hair.

Sharon would have none of this, and she let everyone know that Bertolotti had never been there for the birth of their kid and had only sporadically spoken with the person who had passed away over the course of several years. Those individuals, however, who thought Sharon could have been responsible for the passing of her child, did not find this to be a satisfactory explanation.

Bertolotti’s assertion was corroborated by Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic specialist, after the broadcast of a program on Discovery titled “Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery.” This was particularly the case due to the fact that Monjack’s cause of death was comparable to that of Brittany’s.

Although there has been no further investigation into Brittany’s death, fans continue to remember her charming smiles, radiant appearance, and impressive acting skills; despite her passing away, she continues to live on in the hearts of many people because of her film career. Despite the fact that there has been no further investigation into Brittany’s death, fans continue to remember her.

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