The internet went into a frenzy when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner revealed their decision to end their relationship. The announcement was made at an inconvenient moment, which followers did not anticipate receiving. Just one day after celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, Garner and Affleck revealed this information.

Soon after that, allegations began spreading in the press that Affleck’s romance with the family nanny was the reason for their divorce. These suspicions began to circulate shortly after their marriage ended. The charges quickly became a subject of widespread discussion and were given the label “Nannygate.”

Nevertheless, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Garner put an end to the speculations and clarified that the nanny was not the reason why they no longer dated. Garner said that she and Affleck had been living apart for many months prior to the news breaking about their separation.

Despite this, the actress acknowledged that the absence of a nanny had a negative impact on the lives of her children because of the amount of time necessary to develop a trustworthy connection. Garner further said that the rumors contributed to the anxiety and uncertainty that her children were experiencing. The actress said that she was questioned about the significance of the word “scandal” to her three young children.

In an interview that Affleck gave to Howard Stern in 2021, the actor said that he got into trouble with alcohol because he “felt stuck” in his marriage to Garner. Garner was his wife at the time. This was another aspect of the former partners’ life that had everyone in the group discussing it.

After the interview, there was considerable conjecture on how Garner felt about what her ex-husband had said; however, Hollywood Life said that the actress was unbothered by what was said since she knew Alfeck better than anybody else, and she knew that he did not say anything to damage her.

A second insider said to Hollywoodlife that Jennifer Garner is self-assured and accepts everything with a grain of salt. Violet, who is 16, Seraphina, who is 12, and Samuel, who is 9, are Garner and Affleck’s three children together.

As a result of all the turmoil that surrounded the divorce, Garner was provided with the opportunity to disconnect and withdraw from communicating with the media. Affleck was given the impression by Garner’s choice to avoid social media that the actress did not care how their relationship was portrayed in the media.

Garner, on the other hand, said to Vanity Fair that the choice she made really signified the opposite. Voici what she meant:

“I can’t let myself be swayed by the way this seems. I cannot allow anger or hurt to be my engine. I need to go forward keeping the bigger picture in mind at all times and putting the needs of the children as my first priority.

Garner decided to let go of the past and concentrate on moving forward after the whirlwind that was her highly publicized divorce. US Magazine published an article in 2018 stating that the “Alias” cast members had resumed dating. Garner and her new partner, John Miller, are reportedly content and “in a loving and healthy relationship,” according to sources who spoke to Us Magazine.

Miller is a nobody in the film industry, but he is a successful businessman who serves as the CEO of Caliburger and the Caliburger Group, which is Caliburger’s parent company. Between the years 2005 and 2018, Miller was married to the musician Caroline Campell. The couple completed their divorce in 2018. In addition, Campell and Miller are the proud parents of two girls.

It was discovered that Garner and Miller had broken up after dating for a total of two years before making their decision public. Miller reportedly desired marriage, but Garner did not feel she was prepared for the kind of commitment that came with such a relationship. Nevertheless, the divorce was handled in a civilized manner.

Just a few short months after they had broken up, Garner and Miller made the decision to give their relationship another go, and it grew even stronger as a result. The connection between the pair has also received support from their mutual friends.

According to us magazine, Garner does not want confirmation from the media in order to know that Miller is the proper man for her.

One of Garner’s close friends, Victor Garber, who she worked with on “Alias” as his daughter and who also conducted the wedding of Garner and Affleck, said that the “Love Simone” actress was “very pleased.” Garber continued by saying that Miller embodied the definition of “adorable” and was the ideal choice for his costar.

Around the start of the new year in 2019, Garner and Miller were caught on camera engaging in an unexpected but endearing display of physical affection. In the photo, the actress can be seen giving her CEO lover a hug from behind, and Miller can be seen turning around to kiss the actress.

Before the two of them made their relationship public knowledge on Instagram, it was first discussed in passing on the internet. Speculators could not believe the singer and actor were back together since they had become the most popular pair in their fanbase.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jennifer Lopez said that the two of them were still in disbelief that there was a possibility for them to be together again. Lopez enthused about the two of them being together and said:

“No, I don’t think you’re capable of imagining anything like that could ever take place. It’s a wonderful thing to see.”

When compared to Affleck and Lopez’s relationship, the one that Garner shares with Miller are on the complete another end of the spectrum. US Magazine claims that the star of “Love Sinome” is content with keeping her personal life, including her dating life, out of the public eye.

According to a source who spoke with US magazine, Garner enjoys the fact that she is not concerned with the semantics of Hollywood. More importantly, the actress is happy that her relationship with Miller will not be dragged through the mud at Hollywood functions or in front of the cameras.

According to US Magazine, Garner does not want the confirmation of the media in order to know that Miller is the proper man for her. The former couple’s divorce has allowed the actress to start a new chapter in her life, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Following all that occurred between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, the actress said that she does not despise the man who is the father of her children, and she does not want anybody else to hate him on her behalf. Garner is aware of the toll that his divorce had on him emotionally and physically.

Garner and Affleck have a wonderful bond as co-parents to their children. Garner said that the affection her children have for their father is “complete and utter,” which is more than sufficient for the two families to continue to get along.

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